[REMADE] Great Flags from Different Countries!

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  1. *note: remade due to accidentally creating the thread when it wasn't complete*
    Ever since a child, I have been fascinated with nations and their flags. Although nowadays I lean into Geography a lot more, I am rediscovering my passion for flags which sparked my love for History and geography.

    Note that many flags I love weren't posted down below. It's because it would have taken forever to list every flag, so I listed the most unique and unknown ones :)
    I also didn't give every single flag the proper description because time exists for me, unfortunately, :p

    I suggest you share some of your favourite flags as well!


    Thanks to AltPunisher for bringing this flag to my attention. I love the contrast of the green, white and red, of course with the dragon which is also badass! I didn't take much time on research on what it meant, but I found a curious story about a fight between the Red Dragon and the Ice Dragon. Correct me on this Alt. Still, one of the coolest flags ever, possibly THE coolest.


    Very cool flag as well, I don't have time to look into the backstory of every single flag, but the red background with the double-headed eagle on it is super cool.


    Regardless of any past events, Afghanistan has one of the coolest flags out there. I love the Tricolour combination and the wheat which wraps around the mosque!


    In some ways, the Asian version of the Flag of Wales (don't attack me). This flag adds adaptiveness to the yellow and orange, with that sick dragon!


    Ah yes, the Union Jack, one of the most notorious flags which features itself on many other countries flags, it truly is a splendid flag, although not the best I may add.


    The colours and the coat of arms in the centre. Beautiful.


    Cannot let my heritage go of course! The Cross on the Scandinavian flag can look really cool, especially when there are many different alterations out there. Although, Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands have the best out of all of them. I'm sorry Denmark, but the added border colour to the cross is much more exciting. Still, I love them all! (Also, poor Faroe Islands got left out :( )

    Here we go Faroe Islands, justice served :)


    I really love the traditional African Triad colours, but the Pentagram with the blue background and the added detail is beautiful :) What a shame that the Pentagram has been portrayed as satanic and evil nowadays, it used to be a beautiful symbol, and respected upon mathematicians (It still is)


    Never knew this flag existed until now, very cool though!










    Again, I love the pentagram on flags, especially the Moroccan one!


    The British Isles has some pretty neat flags.
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  2. I've done projects on many of these countries before, but I never thought to look at the flags so often. I think our flag (by George Stanley) is quite a boring flag, but it symbols our country best and shows our love of the maple tree and our syrup :p
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    Along with Wales, both my favourite flags.




    The OG Canadian Flag





    SERIOUSLY COOL! In my top 10 list!



    Any East Asian style art is always the coolest!



    On my top 10 list for sure as well!





    Just all Prussian flags in general!

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  4. I agree, I used to like the Canadian flag but after looking through all the flags I just posted now, I can indeed say Canada has an inferior flag.

    Also use this post as an update for all the flags above :)

    I showed as much flags as I could, i'm done for today, i'll continue it If I feel like it :)
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  5. Thread not appreciated enough and Alt needs to see this fyi
  6. Those are some nice flags!
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    According to the history of the Brythonic peoples (which does have some truth to it), King Gwrtheyrn (Vortigern in English), a warlord and potentially a king of all the Britons, tried to build a fort upon a hill in Eryri (Snowdonia in English). However, when he and his soldiers tried to build the structure, the walls would mysteriously fall down overnight. To find out what is causing this, he kidnaps a young boy (who grew up to become the greatest wizard to ever live, Myrddin/Merlin). Gwrtheyrn is about to kill the boy in a sacrificial ritual, but the boy tells him that two dragons live underneath the hill.

    The white dragon is a foreign dragon (the Anglo-Saxons) that attacks the red dragon (the Brythonic people/Welsh). The white dragon hurts the red dragon every night, trying to take its territory, and the red dragon's pained shrieking causes babies to die in miscarriages, animals to die overnight, and plants and crop to wilt and die. King Llud, the King of the Britons, travels to France and asks his brother, King Llefelys, what to do. Llefelys tells him to dig a pit in the centre of the island, fill it with mead, and cover the pit with cloth. Llud goes back to Britain and chooses a location in Eyri to dig the pit. The dragons fall for the mead bait, drink it, and go to sleep - Llud imprisons them beneath the cloth.

    Gwrtheyrn listens to the boy's story and sets him free. He digs up the hill, and sure enough, two dragons emerge from beneath it. They engage in a battle in the sky, and the red dragon finally kills the white dragon. It flies away, free to roam the planet. Gwrtheyrn builds a fort upon the hill - he names it Dinas Emrys. That is now the name of the hill - there are a few remains of the hillfort, enough to identify it as the same fort mentioned in the story, but not much. Llewelyn the Last, the last King of Wales from 1258 to 1282 before it fell to English invasion, built a castle in this same spot sometime during his reign, although that is also almost completely destroyed.

    The red dragon represents the Britons that would become the Welsh people, cornered into the far west of their island by the white dragon, but still alive. Eventually, the Welsh people would rise up and drive the Anglo-Saxons back into mainland Europe and reclaim their land.

    Also according to the same 'history', King Arthur used the red dragon as his battle standard - his father's name, Uther Pendragon, also literally translates to 'the Dragon's Head', and he used a golden dragon.

    In actual documented history, Celtic Britons fought in the Roman Empire with dragons on their armour and shields to represent their homeland. Eventually House Aberffraw, who inherited a lot of Welsh land after the Romans withdrew from Britain, adopted it on their house emblem to show their dominance over Wales. From 655 to 682, King Cadwaladr of Gwynedd (an area in Wales), supposedly the last King of the Britons, used a red dragon on a field of green as his banner. Owain Glyndŵr, a descendent of House Aberffraw and the leader of the Last Welsh War of Independence (1400-1415), raised a golden dragon over Castle Caernarfon in 1401 after defeating the English. He took his inspiration from King Uther. At the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, a major battle of the Hundred Years' War, the Welsh longbowmen (who made the battle a defeat for the French) flew red dragon banners. After the war of independence was lost, House Tudwr, who had sided with Owain, had their land razed to the ground and revoked by the English. They fled to London, anglicised their name to Tudor, intertwined with the English noble families, until Henry Tudor inherited the English throne at the end of the War of the Roses (1455 - 1487). In the deciding battle, the Battle of Bosworth, he chose King Cadwaladr's banner as his own and fought with a large amount of Welsh soldiers in his army.

    The flag was, however, ignored when the Union Flag/Union Jack was created in 1606, because the English viewed Wales as theirs. If they viewed the Scottish as second class citizens but still put them on the union flag, I don't even want to know what they considered the Welsh to be... especially since they'd banned the Welsh from interacting with English people in any way not too long before. Even now, casual discrimination against Welsh people is just accepted as normal to the English and English visitors mock the language like Wales didn't have its children beaten in school to stop them speaking it, had it removed from public signs, stopped it being taught at all, and were pretty damn successful at trying to erase it (almost all Welsh people, until 1900, exclusively spoke Welsh - nowadays, 25% speak it at all, and mostly as a second language unless you're speaking to someone else who does understand it).

    In 1807, Wales was granted a royal badge by the British crown. It was, of course, the red dragon, and a motto lifted from a 1400s Welsh writer's poem, reading 'Y Ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn' ('the red dragon leads the way'). However that was mocked because the line refers to something inappropriate in the poem, and the dragon's tail pointed downwards as if it was cowering from something like a scared dog. However, in 1959, in response to growing Welsh nationalism, Queen Elizabeth II approved the use of the current Welsh flag on all government buildings in Wales. Now it's everywhere in Wales, especially in the Senedd (Senate)/Welsh Parliament, which was created in 2006. Now I just want Wales to become independent and see it fly at the United Nations.

    The flag symbolises Welsh racial superiority over the English, by the way. :)

    Sorry I just like educating people on the culture I attach most to and think my mum is descended from a badass race of people.
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  8. Interesting, thank you for this information, I enjoy Early European Tribe history from the roman to early middle ages periods. I found a new love for Welsh words now, I find the use of y and w neat. How is it pronounced by the way? It seems like someone spammed a keyboard, but I know it has huge meaning and is a beautiful language.
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  9. It's not a country, but my favourite flag is the Frisian flag!

    Nota bene: the 7 red things are in the shape of pompeblêden (water lily leaves), not hearts!
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  10. where the hell is nepal
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  11. Y is pronounced like the 'u' in 'cut', unless it's the last syllable of a word, when it's pronounced as the 'ea' in 'beat'. 'W' is pronounced as the 'oo' in 'pool'. 'Yw' is pronounced as the 'oa' in 'moan'. Bonus fact: the letter 'o' is pronounced as 'aw'. The letter 'r' is rolled, like it is in most other European accents and some English ones.

    So for example, 'Y Ddraig Goch' (the red dragon) is pronounced as 'u thraig gawch'. The 'ch' is the same as the one in the Scottish word 'Loch', as in loch ness monster.
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  12. I'll never be able to remember that, but thank you :)

    above india
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  13. Don't know how I missed this thread.
    There are some Cool Flags!
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  14. I agree with both statements :)
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  15. I disagree with the first statement, as the thread was active for less than a week, in the forum section with the third highest amount of threads. :p
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