Fix the Wilderness! Rupee Prizes!

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  1. [Only a few hours left if you want to take part in this!]

    Ok, Im sick of stupid towers and holes in the ground and griefed buildings left for ruin...

    So this weekend we're going to fix it!

    Im proposing, that until sunday evening, if you send me a before and after picture of an area you have "fixed" in the wilderness I will pay you upto 1000r (at my discretion - depending on beauty and work involved ).

    I suggest:
    * planting sapplings,
    * building nice bridges over rivers
    * filling in holes ( from miners and creepers )
    * using bonemeal on grass to create tall grass and flowers
    * fix "floating" trees

    * The area must be outside the yellow reset area shown on the world map. If you dont know what that is, click on the Servers button at the top of this page, then click on the server, then click on the "Live Map" buton. The reset area is the area inside the yellow box. ) Dont forget about the outposts!
    * You must provide before and after pictures from a similar view point ( so I know its the same place! )
    * Thats all!

    The best "fix" will recieve a further 1000r.

    (This is currently limited to SMP3 - If people want to donate to have this happen on other servers I will expand the project or just run your own thread and copy and paste this post )

    Go forth and make your world prettier!
  2. Good thought. Hope it works out, I'd help but I live in smp4. Typically anytime I go to the wilderness, I bring 10-15 spare saplings and plant them as I go along my way. It's not hard. I consider it a personal..."Wilderness tax"
  3. I can donate some money if you do the same on smp1 :)
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  4. Could I propose another suggestion?
    Some people, instead of cutting down entire trees, only cut down the trunks of big trees and leave the top floating. Perhaps some people could re-add the trunks / cut the whole tree down entirely and replant?
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  5. If the trunk is replaced, what stops someone from doing the same thing? For those too lazy to chop it down and replant it themselves, a flint and steel works wonders for those pain in the rear trees.
  6. The only problem is that flint and steel often leads to forest fires or floating logs high above reach. I agree that there will always be people that ignore the rules, but at least this would help improve the overall appearance of the wilderness : )
  7. As I dont know SMP1 do you want to take charge of it?
  8. I have added this to my suggestions :)
  9. May

    Maybe,Ill se,but I'm going to need some support...;)
  10. No takers yet? :(
  11. So only one person wants my rupees!? Mrlegitslegit is probably going to get 2k out of this!
  12. Great plan d12. Hope it works out.
  13. @Barks87 well only one person has really stepped forward for this so no.. I dont think its worked out. At least I tried... :)
  14. Give me som time Moron :D
  15. Well I dont like the way you said it but yea - I should wait and see :p
  16. Sorry I kind of got side tracked with mining (Don't worry, not strip mining!) but I will get back to work now!
  17. As long as I cant see it I dont care ;D
  18. I, am done!

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