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  1. As most of you probably don't know, tagging a player sort of already exist on the forums. All elements of it work, except for one part. The player being tagged doesn't get an alert from it.

    Currently, putting this into your post will do this. Clicking the tag will take you to the player's profile.

    I was told by a staff member that this used to work in the past and the player being tagged would receive an alert.

    So my suggestion, make the tagging system that sort of exists, work again.

  2. I dont ever remember this being on the forums... And If it was added, Could get a bit annoying as players could do it and you would end up with hundreds of alerts... IMO, I like the quoting part fine, This could cause issues with spamming and all. Plus you can follow anyways...
  3. The quoting is good if you are in the same thread as a person. What if you want to mention something that someone did and you want them to know about it?

    For example, someone makes a thread asking how to make a ghast farm. A player replies "I think @Playername has a good design" The person tagged could then come and explain their design or provide screenshots of it.

    As far as spamming goes, I'm active in many communities that tagging exists in and spam tagging isn't an issue in any of them.
  4. +1 I actually like this concept. I think it would be really helpful because recently I was looking through the forums to see if I was mentioned in anything recently. I found out I was and I didn't even know! I think this could help people keep track of what threads they're talked about in or threads they should be seeing.
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  5. To my knowledge this is a specific Xenforo feature which the version used by EMC doesn't support yet. So I don't think there's much which can be done here until EMC decided to upgrade.

    I'm familiar with this feature because some other forums I'm on use it (specifically referring to the FreeBSD forum for example) but quite frankly I'm not too sure about the added benefit for EMC. It generates an alert, sure, but that is no guarantee that someone is also willing to participate (or has time, or, etc.) in such a thread.

    And it can easily become annoying. Because when do you decide that someone else should be alerted? I can easily see alert spamming become a thing here, and I don't think that's good; some players rely on alerts to keep up. I'm aware that you can normally turn this off, but wouldn't that also make it lose its advantage?

    I'm a little in between here :)
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  7. Maybe you can turn it on and off. Like shel I'm a bit in between cause why not quote it? You would still get an alert.
  8. It'd be nice if this were possible again, but as I'm not sure what caused it to stop working I'm not sure whether it's possible to bring it back without officially updating XenForo.
  9. There are other forums using Xenforo in which this works, and as long as there's a restriction on tagging staff, I'll give it a +1.
  10. I'd rather not get tag alerts in a thread I'm already watching anyway, though.
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  11. +1

    I don't get why alerts would annoy you =P anyway, there are already plenty of ways to spam someone's alerts, like quoting their post over and over on a thread or spamming their profile; this isn't really different. if it's abused, hit em wid a forum ban.

    you can't quote someone's post in a thread if they didn't post there in the first place :p and if this works in status updates, it would be useful, because can't quote there

    If you don't like being tagged turning it off wouldn't wouldn't be a disadvantage for people who do like it, but not having this feature at all WOULD be a disadvantage for them :D

    - salsalsalsalsalsalsalslasalsalsalslaslaslaslaslaslaas
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  12. Pretty positive Alex is remembering wrong and it's never worked before, as it was a feature that Xenforo specifically had to add in a later version.
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  13. Darn...guess you can close this since it won't be possible. :(
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  14. For someone who as it setup to their email, I like to know when i get alerts for certain threads, but spamming my email is not what i want... I use it for Work, School, and so much more... So would prefer not to...
    I knew It was never a thing... :p
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