[Fix] Bad Login / Can't connect errors

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  1. One of the more common errors that you can receive when trying to connect is the 'Bad Login' error. It is simply a Minecraft connection error that has to do with authentication getting temporarily mixed up in the system.

    In an addition to the updated game launcher, running multiple accounts at the same time is difficult. For every new account logged in, the previous account (while running) will be denied access to servers as the new account will.

    Other errors still occur occasionally however, here a few possible solutions for them:

    Possible Solutions
    • When getting the "Bad Login" error message, relaunch your Minecraft program.
    • When getting an "Unexpected error" try and re-login to the server. It's generally caused by a build up of lag or if a server is down;
    • Wait it out. Sometimes the Mojang servers are down and EMC can't do anything to fix that. Check this link out and save it on your browser so you can check back if you're getting any issues.
    • Check the home page. If there's ever a planned server downtime for EMC it will be announced here.
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  2. i get a read time out error while trying to fix my base, it happened last time i tried to fix too, and right after the error i cant reach my server for a good 20 minutes, but others are reachable, but it says i am still logged in on smp4
  3. smp4 is down.
    This link is Not accurate... we are not online :).

    I was on smp4, in town, moving some items, and i lost connection.
    I can not reconnect, and i can not connect to a different EMC server, because it thinks I am on smp4 :(.
    Any help would be appreciate.
  4. I am having this too.... it usually only takes a few minutes... hopefully it will let us in soon :)
  5. i dont think it coincidence it happened when i was fixing my base and it goes down, it happened last time too and quit when i gave up and tried to work on something else, and now i go back days later trying to fix it again and the same thing happens

    I'd hate to think that i caused it, but if a mod would like to test it with me, once we can get back on i'll wait until one is with me to do it, and see if im the cause
  6. did someone set off too much TNT ? :)
  7. confirmed, not sure how, but i crashed the server, aikar saw and hopefully we can fix this, yay
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  8. It's always smp4…
  9. fixed, hopefully

    thank you aikar!
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  10. Personaly, I can't log in cause I play with a 1.6.2 version on minecraft. And I couldn't find a 1.5.2 version :/
  11. In the new launcher if you go to the profile thingy in the top right, you can then select what Minecraft version to use. Select 1.5.2 and join us on EMC :D
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  12. Thanks a lot ^^ I'm not very use to this launcher thingie XD
  13. I have been trying to log in all day. and always getting "Bad login"

    The mojang servers are showing as up. so I don't know what the problem is. I've tried everything.

    I assume other people are online atm? so this is something isolated to me only?
  14. Try using direct connect, try it about 10 times, it's worked for me and others.
  15. Don't worry, it's not just you. Pretty much everyone is having this issue. The only way I've found to get online is to just keep trying until I get lucky. I've heard using direct connect can improve your chances.
  16. 11/24/2013: A Mojang issue with 1.6 login servers is causing the Bad Login error to frequent upon almost all attempts to login to 1.6 servers. Currently there are no plausible solutions besides attempting to connect until eventually you will be able to.
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  17. I'm have lots of time a bad loging
  18. the best way to get it to work for me is sadly to just spam it until you get logged it. it takes me about 15 tries to get logged it but none of the above are very efficient. they only work partially for me and close friends. I just keep have to trying to log in and i eventually get on. thanks though, alex. i bet this will help some people though.
  19. Is there any way of knowing when this issue can be fixed or will be it be fixed in 1.7 update?
    I know it's a huge inconvenience for everyone! I hope a solution can be found asap,
    it's let me on twice in a few hours.:(
    Does anyone have any suggestions they would like to share?
  20. It's only an issue with people on 1.6 logins so if you're trying to connect to 1.7 it should work fine, that's the fix really.
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