Fish Fight!

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  1. Fish Fight!

    Hey everyone :D Joe here with a Fishing Event that will last all day long, for all the time-zone friends.

    Well what time will it start you ask...
    I'll be starting in one hour from now, 1:30pm est.

    When will it end?
    I will keep this going till 1am est. or if the party ends from inactivity of players.

    What will be happening there?
    Well mostly we will be fishing at 10006 smp5 at Fish Club, Fishing with friends can be fun.
    Things may be dropped, but please don't ask or expect items to rain down upon you.
    Taken it easy, fishing, relaxing, and being with friends - will be all day so don't worry if you want to go do other things.

    Is there more, why call this Fish Fight?
    Well to keep things going, cause I think anyone fishing for 12 hours in MC would be bored to tears, :p
    every once in a while throughout the day we will be fighting at Mob Arena! Maybe the PvP Arena's if you attending at the event want to change things up, thou was going for keeping things on smp5.

    Well what time are the Mob Arenas?
    No clue, whenever enough players are present for a mob arena to happen. I'll give out at least a 20min broadcast to warn anyone that leaves smp5. Don't be mad if you can't make them, they will be all day in a way with many fish breaks.

    Please start a Mob Arena!!!
    Don't rush things please, I'll be hosting things as I can. This would count as first time Joe arena's. I've helped with the D&D arenas but never on my own so be patient with me please :D

    Give Me Prizes!!!
    I will let you know if there's a prize, if there's not please don't beg or yell at me.

    Where did you go Joe?!?!
    I'm a living person, so eating and bathroom breaks will most likely happen. May even have half-hour or hour breaks, I'll keep you updated on breaks in this post :D

    also keep in local chat to respect other smp5 players that don't want to attend the events. Fish club -the big bird bath- is next to town spawn and also most likely in local distance of Mob Arena so Local chat should work for any of us there.

    Hope to see you all there :D Fish Club!

    10006 -smp5- /v mobarena
  2. What an interesting idea, I might come and fish with you for a while :p
  3. First MA of today in one hour! :D 7:40 UK time I believe and 2:40 est.
  4. Cool Joe! Ill drop by and check it out.
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  5. Half Hour till first MA
  6. I like fishing I will try pop along later
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  7. almost 10min till
    Round1- Just a Fish
    Round2- anything
    may have more :D
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  8. Your logo for this event is absolutely horrifying.
  9. Will the Fish Crusader make an appearance? I'll try and stop by sometime later
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  10. Overall good event.
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  11. Ty all that came to my First Mobarena :D we did 4 rounds, Fish vs. Kitties seemed to be a hit :p

    The next batch of rounds will happen in hour or so, prob 2 hoursish. Dunno
    let you know when it gets closer

    Right now back at Fish Club fishing at 10006 smp5, I'll make fireworks and fish with everyone :D
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  12. :D ill be right there origami
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  13. Making fireworks as party favors at Fish Club, everyone's fishing having a good time :D
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  14. Somebody should make an official fishing group...
    Is there one?
    Also so people don't need to get materials all the time there should be a shop for fishing rods.
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  15. Fish Club at 10006 has always been 24/7, isell really cheap rods for new players and buy the fish
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  16. Thanks for holding this event - enjoyed myself :)
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  17. All I can think of now.
  18. Part 2 of Mobarena event in 15min ,sorry only posted in-game till now.
    round one anything goes
    round two fish vs. cats
    may be more
  19. Fish vs cats????
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  20. Yay Fish Club!

    I will be by sometime :3
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