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Good Idea?

Yes 26 vote(s) 32.1%
No 19 vote(s) 23.5%
Waffle Copter 36 vote(s) 44.4%
  1. Well as you noticed in the new snapshot there is going to be fire works, they said they will be adding sound soon but the main concern is this:

    When EMC updates to 1.5 or what ever the update # is, fireworks are going to be very noisy and i can see people just spammin them everywhere. I like playing with sound on but I wouldn't want to hear fireworks every 2 seconds. So maybe they can make that a supporter item like TNT and make it Iron or Gold Supporter +. Just to limit the noise annoyances. Just a thought, don't have an idea how it would really work within our server but just a concern. Whats your opinion?
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  2. I never looked at them this way. That is a good point. Though I have tried the snapshot and they are material intensive.
  3. Was gonna vote yes, but the waffle copter was too strong xD
  4. I couldn't decide so I voted that too.
  5. Well, I think _Jeb said he is going to have the ability to turn of explosive sounds in the new update. If it is true, it would work with normal members. I just don't want another restriction of using in-game items. I can see TNT for griefing, etc. but not fireworks.
  6. That was my reasoning for it never coming across my mind of making it supporter only.
  7. supposedly it will probably be in 1.4.6... that's the latest a patch has gone in a while. usually they might reach up to x.x.4 or 5 but not 6.
  8. :( aww i want fireworks in empire
  9. TNT is supporter-only because people could use it for griefing, fireworks are to celebrate! What if you want to celebrate something at your residence?:D
  10. No. If you really don't like the noise, turn off the sound. They do no damage to anything.
  11. Listen to him! :D
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  12. my opinion: waffle copter!
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  13. It would be a shame if fireworks were supporter only, another item I can't use.
  14. maybe there could be supporter only fireworks that are like normal fireworks, and do nothing but think supporters get another perk.
    problem. solved!
  15. I would become a supporter just for the fireworks :)
  16. Everybody is votiong for waffle copter:D
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  17. I think fire works would be a excellent supporters perk. Gold and up.
  18. But I don't think there's any reason for supporter's too not have them. Giving regular items that can't be used for harmful things (i.e. -tnt for griefing) to only supporters leads down the path to gyping non-supporters, which would suck :(
  19. I think it would be a good iron+ perk tbh - another supporter benefit can never be a bad thing.
  20. you'd then have to contact a "professional firework setter offer person thingy"