Firespread prevention plugin?

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  1. Imagine coming into your res finding people setting it alight! - Thanks to wolfthunderblade, openning and antwon for posing in this reconstruction

    Hello everyone!

    I am in the same position as JackBiggin, being ashamed by the damage done by firespread around the servers, wether griefed or by accident. I have thought up an idea which 'could' possibly be implimented into EMC, through Justinguy's pure geniousness and nerdpower!!

    I suggest that there should be a moderator/server wide alert if fire spreads to more than 3 or 4 blocks in a residence, it sends everyone a message saying where the fire is, (residence number + server < incase a moderator is elsewhere).

    If the fire is a false alarm, then so be it, everyone can piddle off to whatever they were doing with no harm done, although, if it is a real firespread then people can turn up with buckets of water to put it out.

    'BUCKERTS OF WATER 2 PUT IT OUT? WAT IF IT DAMAGES THE WESIDENCE!!11' you may say, to prevent this, perhaps an auto antiwaterspread flag could be turned on to prevent the water damaging flowers, crops ect. There could also be a command usable by a staff member which clears all fire if possible?

    You might think that a server-wide alert would be frequent as a lot of people create onpurpouse fires, but, at the end of the day it's better to be safe than sorry.
  2. /res set firespread false

    Note that this also prevents grass from spreading.
  3. You can toggle fire spread off on your residence.
  4. Yes, but about 80% of people do not know this, and some won't even bother to do it or will most likely forget.
  5. The whole point of JackBiggin's post was to make people more aware of the /res set firespread false command.
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  6. You're not getting me, this is for the instance where the owner of the res hasn't heard of the firespread command and they go offline to have their res set on fire. if the firespread hasn't been turned off then this could prevent a grief occuring.
  7. You do realise how many servers there are, How many people setting fire to trees, On a daily basis right? It would mean the moderators would be working 10+hours a day JUST checking on false fires.
  8. In that instance, it could be through user report? The alert is sent to users who then which confirm that there is a fire on a res, for example..

    /res fire confirm 'resnumber'

    If it is just someone burning trees then they leave it and don't do anything.
    If any user trolls the mods and confirms it for no reason they can get banned for wasting the mods time, how's about that?
  9. No, /res set firespread false is there for a reason. Use it and stop asking for something that'll be a waste.
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  10. Sorry, but I made the post for the reason qwerty said. I understand the idea of doing it plugin side, but more plugins cause more strain and more strain causes more lag.

    The fire report system is a good idea. However, we already have it. Here's the command: /tell [name] YOUR RES IS ON FIRE!!!
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  11. Indeed, if the user is online. What would you do if the user was offline?
  12. Btw, is it possible for anyone to give me a few positive comments about my idea rather than see it as a nats poo :).
  13. Get green mystery to post about it and get's me thousand of rupees.
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  14. See if anyone had perms that was online. If not get away from the res and hope the chunk unloads. This would prevent the fire from spreading further.
    I said I liked the idea :) I just said it was impractical.
  15. Just realised: that is an xray texture pack used in the screenshot on the first post. Xray mods and texture packs are NOT allowed to be used anywhere on EMC. You MUST stop using this texture pack immediately.
    Enjoy the ban.
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  16. Lmao! I cannot believe i missed that!
  17. Quoting the pic as proof in case he edits it
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  18. FrankieC has been banned.
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  19. lolz
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  20. this thread is the biggest fail i've ever seen. it made my day, and then showed it to my boyfriend and made his day hahahahha
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