Finish Each Other's Sentences (forum game)

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  1. This game is one where you finish each other's sentences.
    Bob posts: and he likes burritos. Did you know
    Joe posts: that giraffes are tall? The kingdom

    So, I will start off.
    That brick is sure
  2. spammy. I wish
  3. justin bieber would die.

    I love when
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  4. i rub bannans on my body. how bout dem
  5. apples. I like to eat toenails on
  6. bread. What about dat
  7. toilet. I wish
  8. muffins got soggy. Trees are very
  9. barky today. I eat muffins for
  10. voted for obama.

    I wish aikar would
  11. release dragon tombs
  12. and finish the sentence.

    One day something will
  13. blow up the world. I love
  14. Hatred. For Christmas I wan
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  15. everything.

    What happens when you cross a whale with a
  16. Aikar. It becomes a
  17. Man devouring Muffin.
    If you create a new element you
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  18. smell the city of Hong Kong.

    Intelligent Talking chickens like me believe that....
  19. red sport cars are faster than blue ones. Always when I try to sleep...
  20. i want to play Swords and Sandals II: Emperor's Reign. When your good PC is broken and is forced to use a PC manufactured in 2002, you feel......