Find the Three Little Piglets & claim some good rewards!

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  1. Special thanks go out to BlinkyBinky for choosing an ingenious auction title which reminded me of this, as well as AyanamiKun for helping me with some pictures and getting me out of a... somewhat embarrsing situation. If you want to learn the juicy details of this, which even predate the moment when Elfinpineapple0 (have to spell it out now, too many 'imposters'), Shiyvah and myself set foot on this place, then check the editorial comments below.

    Sorry guys, this event requires some (clever) reading :D

    ONCE UPON A TIME..... There lived 3 little piglets in the land of Minecraft: Knirretje, Knarretje and Knorretje. Yes, they're Dutch :)

    They lived in a place where players could actually remove other players structures as long it had been made perfectly clear that the structure was abandoned. Being fully convinced that their presence would count as "not abandoned" the three piglets went out into the "other world" and build their houses. They felt perfectly safe because every time a player would come up to check out their house to "reclaim" it they would often leave a sign, as was the rule of "the other place". But the piglets were smart: they just removed the signs, and when the players came back to check it out they could only conclude that someone responded to their "reclaim warning" and as such their claim was obviously deemed invalid.

    That was until a newbie veteran user came along, called ShelLuser. He was very determined to help clean up the lands so he didn't even bother to place signs and such. All he did was warn the piglets to get out, because he had enough TNT to back up his words. He didn't huff, and he didn't puff. He just blew all their houses to smithereens.

    Fortunately for the piglets the lords of the other lands were honest and just, and they saw what was going on. This ShelLuser guy was obviously not playing by the rules, so he had to be punished. He was sent out to rebuild all three houses (and no flying!)...

    Onto The Empire

    Eventually ShelLuser, who had really redeemed himself, moved to other lands. Right onto the Empire. And he took a lot of his friends with him as well. The three little piglets, now living in the main capital of the other lands noticed that many of their friends had left and eventually they decided to follow their friend ShelLuser, who lived on SMP2.

    Unfortunately for me Aikar's code never took into account that some of the mobs could actually be (semi) intelligent. As such the piglets got scattered all across the SMP2 wastelands. The only good news here is that their house schematics got copied and smaller versions were teleported onto the Empire. There's always some good news within bad news...

    Your job, should you decide to accept it, is to seek out the piglets, eggify them and bring them safely back to ShelLuser.


    The piglets are scattered north, center and south. Aikars code seems to be very mob friendly because the piglets did land in their favorite spots...

    Knirretje isn't much of a builder and he lives in a mud hut. His favorite place is the swamps.
    Knarretje hates the cold and his place is in the middle of a desert. In a house build using his trusty planks of course.
    Knorretje likes it simple. Just a nice green space of land where he can place his nice brick house.

    Try looking east, south and west from the outpost where the piglet has landed. Is that too vague for you? good!

    What are we looking for?



    Anyone who brings a valid pig back can count on 200r (100 compensation for eggifying + 100 reward).

    Bring one pig back and you'll earn: 16 diamonds. (potential value of 1600rupees).
    Bring two pigs back and you'll earn the above + 1 stable voucher.
    Bring all three pigs back and you'll earn the above + 1 vault voucher.


    I did put some failsaves into place. Think before trying to take shortcuts. Emotional instability within ShelLuser may occur from being reunited with his long lost friends, so slight variations in the reward system are quite likely.

    Please help me get my friends back! -- Shell

    When I started playing Minecraft I also soon discovered servers, yet not the Empire. So.. on my previous server I once came up with the idea to redo the fairy tale of the three little piglets. All within the server context of course, I actually played the role of the big bad wolf which came to huff, and puff and blow their houses up with TNT.

    The reason I still remember it like yesterday is because I also went into creative (single play) and actually made houses and such which I used as pictures in my story.

    This may come as a shock but many people liked it.

    SO.. those stories have gone offline (to my knowledge anyway) and so I figured that I should do a redux. Now, there's no excuse on the Empire what so ever to destroy something which you didn't make yourself so I had to improvise.

    And here you have it... 3 piglets out into the SMP2 wild, who is going to save them and claim their reward?
  2. Sounds fun! I'll do an attempt tomorrow! :)
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  3. Knarretje has been found!!

    Miss_Peevle (smp2 veteran, go figure!) noticed the poor piglet during one of her many travels into the wastelands and she figured that this poor little piglet deserved to be taken home. And she did!

    SO yeah, only fitting that the first reward goes out to a fellow SMP2'er.
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  4. Knorretje has been found!

    Congrats to kappsune!
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  5. More Kappsune awesomeness!

    Sorry for being slow Kappsune, I didn't even realize you sent 2 pig eggs to me! :eek:

    Knirretje has been found:

    Yes, vault vouchers! You found all of the above, so you'll earn all of the above (I did send you the diamonds and emeralds (not 16 diamonds but I made up with extra emeralds) and because this is the end of the event you don't win a stable, but you'll win a vault voucher instead!

    Congrats Kappsune!
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  6. That moment when Shelly makes an event build and forgets to bring extra buttons:

    trollolol ^.^
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  7. Welp.

    Never mind then! :p
  8. Yeah, people were way too eager to find the piglets than I thought. But I'm sure your chance will also come; the problem with these pigs is that they sometimes decide to run off :)

    So while this event is over there might be another one soonish enough 8)
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  9. Haha, nicely done :p