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  1. No, This is not me saying "We should have FTB1.Empire.us"

    For those that don't know what FTB is here: www.feed-the-beast.com

    Some Tutorials:

    Okay so I made a server and I was wondering if anyone wanted to join it.
    To get the IP just tell me.
  2. If you haven't already, you should probably go through your config and disable a few problem items.
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  3. FTB runs vanilla MC instead of Bukkit for server. It's inherently laggier.
    It's probably best to put a limit on world anchors, quarries, nukes, nuclear reactors, terraformers, austere bees, demonic bees, and really anything else that keeps chunks loaded / creates many entites.

    If you have a lot of people, all those forced chunks will add up.
  4. The old world is back
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  5. Yes But how would you put a limit on it? I know how to put a limit for the whole server but not per player.
  6. You can turn recipes off via the config, but a lot of it would be on honor. If you make the rules clear, they will have no excuses.
  7. Only limit players who have a history of irresponsible behavior, like those who spawn thousands of nukes. *cough* prof_genius *cough*
  8. Well, currently the FTB server I'm on is unusable... until that is fixed, I'll hang around you guys. PM me at your earliest convenience.
  9. FTB... sounds similar to Tekkit, is it the same thing or does it use similar mods?
  10. It's actually up to date, and the mods are used with permission.
    All the mods are FTB versions, so compatibility is the priority.
  11. Ahh so it's better than Tekkit although not as well-known?
  12. It was made in November, and it's still in beta. Not all the mods are updated yet.
  13. Does anyone know how to actually get this?
    I'm running the .exe from the website and it's doing nothing.
  14. Try the .jar, that's what I used.
  15. Ahh okay
  16. Still nothing.
  17. I dunno what it is but i tried to download the .jar and .exe and i watched the video u linked but i still cannot get FTB to open
  18. Same here.