February Referral Winners + Contest Update

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  1. Hey everyone.

    The winners for February's referral contests are:

    Actual Referrals:
    1. gjbrock1998 - Awarded Diamond Voucher
    2. Qwerty189 - Awarded Gold Voucher
    3. Cowman18 - Awarded Iron Voucher
    Most clicks on Referral Banners:
    1. SkyDragonv8 - Awarded Diamond "Referral Block Of Clickyness"
    2. Ice_Lightning99 - Awarded Gold "Referral Block Of Clickyness"
    3. gjbrock1998 - Awarded Iron "Referral Block Of Clickyness"
    I will have the supporter vouchers and voter blocks in the vaults of the winners within the hour of this post. :)
    We're making a slight update to the qualifications on the "Actual Referrals" for the month of March onwards.

    To qualify for a top referral prize of the supporter vouchers, the players will need at least 3 referrals to qualify. Also, this probably goes without saying, but using alternate accounts (this has to count any account signed up via your ip) can't count towards the total.

    Thanks everyone guys and good luck in March!
  2. Wow grats guys :)

    Sadly I don't have any other friends that play Minecraft, so I can't convince any :p
    I got conviced by my brother and yesterday I reached the 750th day. I only play on EMC and I still love it!

    Any chance we can get any number on this ? Just curiosity...
  3. I did not expect me to win at all, people are curious I guess.
  4. Congrats winners!!!
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  5. What are the prizes again? And statistics of the banners being clicked?
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  6. Prizes shown in the main post. Jack has the click numbers...we'll wait for the hampster to wander here.
  7. Could I see a pic of the clicky blocks plox? :p
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  8. Dat block of clickyness doe.
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  9. gratz Ice :D
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  10. Congratulations to all the winners! :)
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  11. The actual exact words I said to Cow when I sent him the winners. :p
  12. "The actual exact words I was thinking when I saw the picture. :p"

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  14. Congrats all! To bad none of my friends play minecraft anymore :(
  15. wow... how in good God's name did i get that many
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  16. Will you guys be making sure that the "most clicks" were off of other sites (not EMC) for the next rounds?
  17. ^This
    Some members have been putting them in their sigs here at EMC, and more so now the winners are announced,I feel that the numbers would be unrepresentative if the clicks came from within EMC, it makes sense to limit to outside clicks
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