Feb 12th update

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  1. Reposting update log here for discussion!

    • Move flag optimizations for Residence
      • -move on a residence now puts you back a few blocks before you stepped on it, instead of teleporting you to some other location (It will still teleport you to the far location if it cant reliably figure out how to put you back)
      • -move will now block players from doing other things on the residence such as using shops or accessing chests, so that stuff on the edge of your residence is also protected (reverted)
      • enderpearls now honor -move and will not allow you on
    • Preparing for the shop update, deployed world so we can configure it.
    • Performance optimizations to Residence. Please report bugs but shouldn't be any!
    • Local chat in town has been expanded from 100 blocks to 128.
    • Local chat in the wild has been expanded from 100 blocks to 512 blocks
    • Ocelots will no longer potentially spawn 3 ocelots (This was not a bug, as it is desired vanilla behavior, but due to us having egging, it had to be altered)
    • World View Distance increased to 7 for all worlds for better visuals.
    • Entity activation range for animals reduced to 16 to compensate for better view-distance. This will not impact gameplay, just if you look at them in the distance, they won't move much.
    • Firespread is now default off for new residences and /res default. This includes town roads too.
    • Wither will now never be killed by Entity Limiter auto kill
  2. After all it is the small things that count!
    Good job!
  3. Sounds Great!
  4. Can we get a -fly flag for use on Utopia please that doesn't affect the Res owner? Would be greatly appreciated and mean I wont have to watch Diamond Supporters like a hawk in my Run for Diamonds! :p
  5. By far my favourite - thank you so much :D
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  6. [*]Firespread is now default off for new residences and /res default. This includes town roads too.
    Why does that make me think it was because I set faiths road on fire... ;3
  7. Well done Aikar :D
  8. EMC --> Just keeps getting better :D
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  9. That might of inspired a change....
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  10. Does this have anything to do with why mob drops won't come down a water stream farther than 16 blocks now? If I swim up stream, I can pick them up. If I go close enough they flow down. Otherwise they glitch back and forth forever and I eventually end up with phantom drops:

    My Wheat farm is affected also. That Wheat bundle and those seeds should have flowed down into the center minutes before I took this screenshot:

    This kills free stone generators:
    Shouldn't we use Use permissions to disable Use permissions rather than using Move permissions to disable movement plus Use permissions?

    Seems to me that if you don't want things on the edge of your residence being used, you either shouldn't have them there or you should set your Use permissions accordingly.
  11. Wow, now I can talk local chat to people on the other side of the LLO. Super duper!
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  12. Hmm, this isnt suppose to happen. Can you PM me cords to where this is happening?

    Entities in water are immune. And items are actually at an 8 range.

    I was thinking about this heh. Might just take this change back out.

    I' was looking at it as a set -move and then not worry about others accessing your residence instead of having to set multiple flags, and also looking to use it on banned players res, but I guess we can just code the system to take away all flags.
  13. You have a great point. this totally nerfs the stonegen at 1728...
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  14. Unless you mean in-game, a mere mortal like myself can't PM you anymore ;)

    I can easily demonstrate it at my Wheat farm in Town, which uses water harvesting. Start the water flowing, throw Seeds in, then move away. The Seeds glitch back and forth and never flow to the collection point unless you move within (I'm guessing) 16 blocks of them.

    If you have the time, I'd like to query you about Squid spawning sometime.
  15. PM max then she can add me but ill look into it.
  16. Does it look like they are stopping at the very thin water part?
  17. I logged back in and am playing around with my mob farm. Looks like they stop flowing around 8 blocks, then I either get phantoms at the end or they glitch back and forth between 8-16 blocks. If I go within around 16 blocks, they appear upstream then float down to me.

    When I tried this with my Wheat farm, most of the Wheat and Seeds did what they should but a lot of them did what I've described above.
  18. yeah i just tested it, its def not behaving as I expected.

    So it seems its a general MC 'issue' though it doesnt really impact gameplay, in that mojang isnt properly detecting the isInWater state for items.
  19. Gameplay is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. Just wait until people start adding Hoppers to their farms in town and wondering why they don't work.
  20. Perhaps Mojang have improved on it specifically for that purpose.