Favorite TV show thread

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  1. Falling Sky's, Walking Dead, and the newest Under the Dome :D
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  2. B.r.e.a.k.i.n.g b.a.d. is hands down the best show I have seen in my life
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  3. Favorite TV show: "Suits" Tuesdays 10/9c on USA Network. Is a must watch, but previous seasons are needed! :D
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  4. What is under the dome?
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  5. An adaptation of a King story. It was developed by Brian K. Vaughn; who worked on Lost and wrote the famous comic series Y: The Last Man and Saga. I still haven't watched it yet, but I really need to.
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  6. Says it all :p
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  7. ooo That's coming to my TV and the ads looks great!

    Anyways my favourite TV shows kinda girly type :rolleyes:
    Glee, Revenge, Modern Family, Pretty Little Liars, True blood, Doctor who, Vampire diaries, Big bang theory and family guy ^.^ (Yes those are my favourites and I know it's a bit too much but :p)
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  8. Things go down on that show! It's intense! :p
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  9. What channel is that airing on?
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  10. Well I don't know if you live in Australia but I think it was on Channel 7...? I might be wrong :p
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  11. It's on CBS I believe, if that's what you are asking
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  12. Walking dead :)
    Falling skies :)
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  13. The Walking Dead
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  14. Avatar : The last airbender
    The Legend of Korra

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  15. I'm a celebrity, get me out of here.

    (US has that, right?)
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  16. Channel 7? That doesn't sound like a channel with HD :p
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  17. My favorite TV shows (The only TV shows I watch)

    Family Guy
    Dr. House
    The Mentalist
    The Walking Dead
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  18. History Channel, Disovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic
  19. adventure time, bravest warriors, avatar tla and lok, franklin and bash, warehouse 13 and thats all i can remember right now