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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AmusedStew, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. So, I am building this. I got to the tilling the soil and planting part and ran into an issue. For some reason, when I plant certain crops, they just pop off... I have no idea why.

    It happens in other locations as well (I have F3 up to show there is sustainable light).

    Any suggestions??
  2. I had the same problem with an auto wheat farm. I ended up removing the problem dirt, putting it back & till it again. Seemed to fix the problem.
  3. I thought light but yeah looks good huh.... I would suggest taking mobmeals idea ^
  4. Check the light levels. You probably need more sea lanterns.
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  5. it says its 8 :confused:
    I watched the video at 6:40 aprox he says must be light lvl 9 (or something like it)
  6. Its a constant level of 7 which is whats needed. Will try suggestion of breaking dirt an replacing in the morning.
  7. It's possible there could be a chunk border issue. I'm seeing 0 0 2 for your chunk information. It indicates you're on the border for x and y coords and very close for z coords.
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  8. These farms are way too big for EMC anyways, so feel free to fill up half with lights :)

    Edit: Most people need to add about 4-5 farmers per level to keep things moving, and that is kind of clunky still. They move super slow when out of 18 block range of player and in general get lazy. I like a smaller model myself(10x10), but if you've got the /entc and space for it, its hard to say which one wins out over time.
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  9. Will farmers collect and replant carrots?
  10. It says it's at 7, but the farnland block ITSELF needs to be at 7, which it's not, it's at 6 ;) adding a little more light would help. :)
  11. In my farm? Not sure yet. Do they in general? Yes, they do wheat, carrots, and potatoes.
    I switched designs momentarily (wanted something up and running while I try to figure this one out. :)
  12. They will not auto farm carrots or potatoes, because they classify them as food. They will plant carrots & potatoes but the do not plant when they have sufficient food in their inventory.
  13. Oh, mine do :p
  14. That is why the villager in the middle is there so they can "share" the food with it (I think).

    Any-who, I got the blocks to work and everything by adding more light. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! :)
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  15. They will always plant, they just only harvest if they are hungry.

    If a farmer is full of seeds, they will always be hungry (used for auto wheat farms).

    If they have a hungry villager near by they will attempt to throw food at them, which will make them hungry again (used for auto carrot and potato farms).
  16. Cool, I'll have to investigate the "hungry villager concept. I'd love to automate my potato & carrot farms.
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