[FARM] Smp3 public shulker shell farm is now OPEN

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  1. Do you need shulker boxes?
    Do you think that 1r per shell is too expensive?
    We've got the solution for you!

    The smp3 public shulker shell farm is now open!
    No entry fees!
    10+ stacks per hour! (~6 minutes per stack)

    Just come to this cozy AFK spot and wait for the shells to accumulate in the barrels!
    Fully spawn-proofed for your convenience (and to prevent any shulker from escaping their destiny).
    Framed, is the first shell produced by the farm :D


    • /smp3
    • /wild c
    • Get in the nether portal while facing the center of the spawn outpost (i.e. towards west)
    • When in the nether, take the purpur rail on your right
    • Get in the portal
    • Get in the End gateway
    • Turn left towards south-east and take the railway going east:
    • You've arrived, enjoy your shulker shells!
    Thanks to:
    • bryanm61, for capturing the original shulkers, building the railway, and identifying a good building spot, and building an awesome gunpowder farm (for the potion splash)
    • the maintainers of /smp5 +bamfurlong, for providing tons of emeralds and glistering melons
    • ThaKloned, for providing plenty of librarians on utopia selling the 4+DC of glass needed for the build (and the glass bottles)
    • msdosbrain for /smp8 +bamboo, providing enough bamboo and sticks for the 3+DC of scaffolding and 1.5SC of rails
    • various public clerics for providing the needed redstone and glowstone, in particular at /smp8 +ee (I feel EMC needs more 1.15 public clerics :p )
    • chickeneer, for giving me directions in what to set up on my local server to debug the farm for papermc servers
    • the technical minecraft community, for the help in the debugging
    • hf_147, the reddit user that designed the original farm shown in this video. The farm design used is the second to last, look in the video description for links to the working principle to the farm.
    If you are a public farm maintainer and you would like to build a copy on your server to spread the load/demand, contact me (looking at you Velma and ya'll on smp6 :D ).
    I have the litematica design and some insight to share for the building of the farm.

    The reset button is provided for convenience.
    It will cause the farm to cycle, and a new healthy shulker will go in the core of the farm.
    It should be used if and only if required, as its abuse will cause depletion of resources that I have to replace out of my own pocket.
    I have been stress-testing the design both on the server and on creative for days now and the button has not yet been needed in normal operations (I used it for the initial boot of the farm, but it was expected).
    If you need to press the button, please inform me here or via PM.
    Donation of ingredients to craft splash potions of healing 2 is welcome (donation box available at /smp8 +mordor).

    The videos are much more detailed than what I can be, but long story short, the core of the farm contains a snow golem and a shulker in a minecart, separated by a wall of lava.

    The shulker aggros on the golem, then is shot up by a water column outside of the aggro range, forcing a de-aggro.
    The minecart then falls back and the cycle repeats.
    Surrounding the core there are tons of 2x1 columns where other shulkers live and shoot themselves, causing them to duplicate and eventually die, dropping the shells we are here for.
    The skirts of scaffolding increase the spawning successes, allowing the farm to be very crowded at all times, increasing the rates.
    There are two halves, one above and one below the snow golem.
    All the shells are collected by 4 hopper minecarts (2 for the top and 2 for the bottom half) that discharge their contents in a hopper column ending in the AFK room barrels.

    As the farm is built to its full potential and all the drops go to the barrels, do not expect any "magical" doubling of the output. :p

    What is not in the videos, is the papermc issue.
    To find out what it was, with the mentioned help of chickeneer, I set up a papermc server on my pc where I plopped a copy of the farm.
    Without papermc, I had no issues, with papermc, the shulker in the minecart was dying (or teleporting out of the minecart) in a very short time, effectively shutting down the farm, replicating accurately the behaviour observed on EMC when I first tried to turn the farm on.
    With some help from the technical minecraft community, I was able to observe that the issue seems to be an optimization introduced by spigot.
    This optimization allows shulkers to shoot even if they are still closed, effectively causing the shulkers to hit themselves from the inside.
    This does not cause damage (most of the time), but still counts as a hit, so if the shulker is low on health, it will try to teleport.
    The solution devised is to guarantee that every shulker going into the core is at 30 health, maximising the uptime of the farm.
    This is achieved with an automatic healing station that dispenses enough healing 2 potions to fully heal any shulker.
    The healing station is kept restocked by an auto-brewer specialized in that potion.

    Does all of that redstone circuitry more than offsets the computational savings obtained by papermc/spigot?
    The answer is left as an exercise to the reader.

    Do you have questions?
    Ask me! :D
  2. Anything else you need, let me know. Happy to help out :)
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  3. Already giving the farm a run :p Thanks for building it and everyone who put time and effort and help into this!
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  4. Update: for some strange reason sometimes the minecart gets stuck on the rail in front of the snow golem.

    I was able to replicate the behaviour in creative, where I verified that even pushing the cart it won't make it move, i.e. the game treats it as a block rather than a minecart, even on powered rails. So far the only solution I was able to find so far, is me plunging into the farm core to terminate the shulker early, retrieve the cart, and restart the farm with a forced boot.

    For farm users: if pressing the button does not resume the drops, means that the scenario occourred again.
    Please reply to this thread or send me a forum PM if that happens and I'll fix it asap.
    Pressing the button again won't solve anything.

  5. Yeah farm has hiccupped :)
  6. Oop belay that, it kicked on :)
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  7. So it would seem to be jammed again. I only got a few shells over a long period of time.
  8. I will fix it asap. Thank you :)
  9. Farm is fixed.
    Sorry for the wait, I am travelling and logging in is not easy at the moment.
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  10. I would be willing to do some mods to do an auto shulker loading into shulker boxes so theres more storage
  11. and I may have died and my stuff is in the farm
  12. I don't feel it is needed. 3 barrels hold ~ 8 hours of drops

    your stuff should be there.
    how did you die, if you do not mind me asking?
  13. nvm I got it
    and I suffocated, epearl
  14. I've been at the farm for an hour or two now and it's produced no shells... should I hit the button?
  15. no, I have been informed.

    I will try to fix it tomorrow
  16. fixed (for the moment)
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  17. Sweet!!! I may have to pay this place a visit sometime in the future... can never have too many shulker boxes :D
  18. I pressed the button and after a few hours no drops
  19. :( I will check it later
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  20. Fred is feeling the pain :rofl: :lmao: