[FARM] Smp3 public shulker shell farm is now OPEN

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  1. you can't access the "backstage", so all you can do is to inform me in case there are no drops/shulke shooting sounds.

    The biggest risk was when players were travelling to/from the farm, as far as I can tell.

    Thank you
  2. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind when I get over there.
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  3. Thank you Fred and bryan for this farm. It is pretty amazing and working well for me right now. I will be sure to drop off more supplies. Please post if you need any other resources.
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  4. Hey there, I tried getting to this farm yestetday and once through the nether portal right from wild c spawn I can't locate the purpur trail. There is a lot of rough ground at the portal so I think a ghast was there at one time.
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  5. someone broke the portal link

    edit: I fixed it.
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  6. FYI, it looks like the farm is down again. I tried the button and waited an hour a couple times, but no shells or shooting sounds.

    Thanks a million for keeping this farm going BTW! I just recently discovered it.
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  7. ok, will try to go there now.

    fixed it.

    as for the button, sorry, it has been deactivated it a bit ago, I should probably see to it one of these days.
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  8. I went here to try this farm and stood afk for about 20 minutes, no shulker shells spawned. then i reset it and tried again. still nothing. I stood on the pressure plate too. :(
  9. oky. thank for informing me. will go an fix it in a jiff
  10. fixed
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  11. Spent boutt an hour there didn't get anything. I hit the button like the sign said and waited longer.
  12. sorry for that.
    farm has been reset
  13. due to accident involving a cats paw stepping on my mouse, the top block of the lock for the barrels was broken and since the piston was buildmoded and the block isnt it no longer moves, sorry

    also farm is broken, tried button
  14. ok, will go there this evening
  15. I'd like to fix it, but someone has placed the block in protect mode, so I can't anything.
  16. thats my alt, i had gone to vouch but you disconnected too fast
  17. ok, fixed.
    still wondering how that got broken in the first place, since it was bmoded.
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  18. I guess I just have supernatural amounts of skill
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  19. the farm just got a small upgrade that should make it less likely to break
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