Farewell, my friends.

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  1. Yes, you read the title correctly. No, this isn't fake and this isn't a troll thread.

    Secret's Goodbye Thread

    TLDR Version:
    I'm leaving. I'm not going to be like copherfield, I'm not quitting EMC because I disagree with what they do. I don't disagree at all, actually. I'm quitting Minecraft altogether because I need to spend more time in the real world (gasp). I'm taking an increased course load this year, I need to focus on getting a new job and applying for college, and I need to spend more time with my friends and family. I will not be resetting my res nor having 'grief parties' nor giving away my rupees. I am leaving my shops open to benefit the community.

    Essay Version:
    Way back in January, I was looking for something to do. I was almost through my midterm exams, and I really didn't have anything to do. So, I decided to give the 'ol Minecraft a go again. (I hadn't played in at least 6 months at the time.) I had quit before because singleplayer got boring and my brother shut down his server. So I went around looking for servers to join. At the time, EmpireMinecraft was in the top 20 on MCSL, so, seeing as it was all the things I wanted, I decided to give it a try. I put in the IP, hit enter, and got an error message. It said, "Join now for free at www.empireminecraft.com". I'm lazy, so I almost didn't bother to join. I decided that hell, what else did I have to do?
    So I checked out the website. I read about all the different servers, the rules, everything. I read the guide, because I didn't want to bother anyone by not knowing the rules. So I joined the server. Deciding which server to join, I decided on SMP2, because I figured I was too much of a noob to play on SMP1, and didn't want to play on SMP3 and SMP4 with all the other 6 year olds and noobs. (At the time it suggested that new players join SMP4.)
    The first day, I looked around on the live map and saw a residence fairly close to spawn. I decided to claim it, and I met my first neighbor, Tallrascha. You might know him from his AMAZING res on 2 back before it was unclaimed.
    The next day, I had my brother join, and we stumbled upon Leowaste and his shop. I quickly made money by doing some odd jobs for him (cutting down trees and selling back to him) and felt really good about myself. My res was slowly coming along as well, even though I had no idea what to build. Within 15 days of joining, I decided to buy diamond, and I never looked back. It was great to support something as great as EMC is, and I cancelled my diamond subscription with great regret. It runs out tomorrow.
    Over the next few months, I built, chatted, bought, and did pretty much everything that all EMCers do. I started posting on the forums around 2 months after I joined, mainly because I saw "lol EMC say goodbye" (the original troll thread) and wanted to get in on all the action.
    I met a ton of great people here. Hayleycolgan, Leowaste, jeremy2d, Aikar, Maxarias, shade554, ItsMeMatheus, AlexChance, ninjaboy5656, WCG_Elite, PandasEatRamen, Steven7485, blazerocks, krysyyjane9191, Mrlegitslegit, xI_LIKE_A_PIGx, Inuyasha1204, butters89, mba2012, Zoebearfun105, and so many other great guys and girls. I'm truly going to miss it here.
    Who knows, I might come back, maybe for winter break, maybe next summer, maybe even in the middle of the school year. I might come back to update my shop for 1.4 (how exciting!), but no guarantees. I'll do my best to continue to check the forums in my spare time; that's not as much of a time vacuum.
    And here's a little picture of me.

    Screen shot 2012-08-26 at 8.15.09 PM.png

    To everyone: Good luck with everything in life, from Minecraft, to girls, to real life, to getting into college, getting a job, and starting a family. EMC: I salute you.

    To Justin and Jeremy, the guys who made it all happen:
    You two are amazing. To be the creators of something so great that helps and connects so many people is something that I really wish I could do. Keep up the good work, and never let this community down.

    And to the staff:
    Stay strong. I know you guys get a lot of hate for things you DON'T do, but if people were to focus on what you DO do then they'd truly realize how lucky EMC is to have the staff that it does.

    --- If you would me to write you a personal little note, please just reply and say so. If you want it to be PMed to you just ask. --

    Peace. Secret out.

  2. Well, this sucks... I take it as a no to joining my wild camp. :p Good luck in wherever life takes you! :) But, like the rest, you WILL be back...
  3. Thanks for your Valuable time here on EMC, don't be a stranger :D

    You will be missed, but I am very impressed that you are responsible enough to see what is really important in life (I don't have any room to talk :p)

    I will remember you
  4. Sad to see you leave Secret, hopefully you will be around in the future!
  5. I'm guessing if I come back, you will be standing in my shop with tons of coal ore?
  6. Yo secret, this is really sad to see you go!
  7. Sorry to see you leave. The community will miss you.
  8. You know I will be! ... Now to find somewhere else to sell my coal ore...
  9. I met a ton of great people here. Hayleycolgan, Leowaste, jeremy2d, Aikar, Maxarias, shade554, ItsMeMatheus, AlexChance, WCG_Elite, PandasEatRamen, Steven7485, blazerocks, krysyyjane9191, Mrlegitslegit, xI_LIKE_A_PIGx, Inuyasha1204, butters89, mba2012

    Secret, that really meant alot to me!! there will be a Huge honor for you at Pam-Am when it is finished!!!
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  10. Well I never met you or even used your shop but I heard that you were pretty epic.
  11. SecretAznEks was more than Epic, he was AWESOMESAUSE
  12. Secret, you look like Jacki Chan!
  13. I remember the day you brought me to LLO. That was the only time I saw you in-game. Good luck in life.
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  14. Awh, goodbye Secret. You were awesome. Only time I saw you in game was when you ran right past me in Northern LLO jumping around and stuff. And I'll take a personal note, just so I can post it in my signature stating: The last thing SecretAznEks said to me. ;)
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  15. As a fellow asian, I can relate to you.... my life's pretty busy right now atm.... I hate to see people leave because there overwhelmed by IRL stuff, but that's the way life goes. So, I say goodbye to you Secret. You seemed like a great person via forums, even though I only saw you in game twice. Good luck on everything in the future. And farewell.
    - IamSaj
    P.S: You look my cousin...
    EDIT: That is what I did after I read this.
  16. Hey…I'm Asian too. Oh. Yeah, I'm pretty busy. Sneaking in minecraft while doing homework. :D
    Oh yeah! Good luck Secret!
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  17. Gosh, I need to unfollow this thread; It is very tear-jerky... :(

    I literally feel like I could cry right now - Not because I have a close personal connection with SecretAznEks, but there is no hating go around and it's all just so beautiful...
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  18. Its Secret! He was huge on EMC! I'm honored to even just pass him. Course this thread will be beautiful.
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  19. Will there ever be any chance you'll come back for extended periods of time? Please? :(
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  20. Well Goodbye and Good Luck in Life in General had Fun with it was me,you, Panda messing around LLO "FOUND GOLD" <inside joke. Guess see you around next time you get on EMC
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