Faith is back in town!

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  1. Hi ya'all ^^

    I would just like to announce that I have decided to return to the Empire.
    Back in 2014, I announced I had decided to leave, while actually being able to stay off EMC for like a few weeks I have learned now that staying away permanently will not happen for me.

    I am not going to be playing as much as some of you saw me doing through whole 2014, I am currently playing another game; World of Warcraft which of-course is a great game, but it lacks something that EMC has offered me... friendships!

    To make this thread just a little bit less selfish... I realize making a public thread about returning seems to be a little selfish, let us talk about potatoes...

    To whoever can find the most beautiful potato shall posse’s great wealth... Find me the most beautiful potato that you have ever seen and you shall be given 100,000 rupees! Remember! There is only one potato, one potato to rule them all - There is only one winner.

    Thank you, and see you online :)
    Please remember that EMC is a family friendly server and we do not tolerate pictures of dead potatoes.
  2. Faith is back :DDDD
  3. WB faith! Missed ya, and our all our convos (both serious and derp-ish) that we would have :).

    *edit* And, just for you, I shall indeed take pictures of potatoes. However these are no ordinary potatoes. These are ones that have been grown, pulled out of the earth with a potato pitchfork, cleaned and stored for consumption over the winter!
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  4. welcome, er, back? It wasn't that long :p
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  5. Welcome back! (keeping it appropriate)
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  6. Welcome back Faith! :D
    potato heart.jpg
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  7. Welcome back! :)
  8. You may remember this from back in the day. (Yes, I indeed took this picture myself)
  9. Potato1.png
    The Potato King and his peasants.
    Welcome back Faith! :)
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  10. Omg Highlancer, he said no dead potatoes. Obvs this flaming potato is dead and this offends me. /sarcasm.

    Wb Faith, here's my submission for a pretty potato:
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  11. Welcome back!
  12. Welcome back :D
    Rose was always a beautiful potato
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  13. Nice to see you online again faith :)
  14. I didn't bring potaterzz... But I did bring a 'WoW survival kit' :3

    I lied...

    Here's potaterz

    And this monstrosity:
  15. Lol I literally just started playing Wow too, that's where all my time's going... well, starting to go. Good to see you back buddy. I knew you wouldn't be gone for long xD
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