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  1. If i purchase a voucher from another player ingame for rupees - do i get all the benefits listed? Does the new residence stay mine(permament)? Does this work with ANY voucher i purchase?
  2. You can only get more Res's with either a Gold voucher, a Diamond Voucher, or a max res voucher. Vouchers are the same whether purchased on the website or bought from a player (some actually buy them on the site then hold them to sell later). Thus, there is no difference between a Gold Voucher bought on the server with rupees or on the website with real money.

    Once you have your extra residences, they are yours until either you give them up, go derelict or get permabanned (This won't happen hopefully). :)

    Hopefully this helps
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  3. that really helped,thank you! :) but if i only buy a voucher once, will i still keep the res foreva?
  4. Doing this via Supporter Vouchers will allow you to keep the residences (After expiration) until you type in '/res unclaim', the Max Res Vouchers will increase your maximum allowed residences, thus staying forever.
  5. Yes you will 00lool00
  6. kk thanks all of you guys :)
  7. Most has already been answered but....

    If you want to know exactly what happens when your supporter voucher expires then just read this post. Some time ago I wrote a guide which explains all the things you should keep in mind after your voucher expired.
  8. nice guide! thanks! :)
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