Expansion to Blue Ribbon Hotel to Four Lots!

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  1. Room Selection in Progress!

    It's happening. The nearly constantly full Blue Ribbon Hotel is getting a HUGE expansion! Krysyy has claimed three lots next to the hotel, and the plan is to expand the hotel to ALL FOUR LOTS!

    The bases of the hotels will all be identical, with them all interconnecting into ultra sized penthouses on the upper levels! Teleport's from the bottom floors to individual rooms will be available, and permanent residences will be available.

    A donation board will be setup shortly to help fund the project. The top donator will get a permanent penthouse!!! Any donator will get priority access to rooms!

    The original blue ribbon hotel, voted the best hotel on SMP2, is on lot 3764, and will remain open during the process. Come by and check on the progress!

    It's time for a update as the project is going along at an alarming rate.

    Each garden suite and estate room has its own teleporter to the outside of the door! The penthouses have a teleport to their floor! The teleport and spawn will start on the roof of the hotel, and move to the bottom. This allows residents to enjoy the view!

    Room Type / Number / Estimated Cost:
    Suite - 48 rooms - 2,000 rupees to own
    Penthouse - 36 rooms - 8,000 rupees to own
    Garden Condo - 20 rooms - 16,000r to own
    Estate - 12 rooms - 60,000r to own

    A suite room is around 1/5 the size of a penthouse. A garden suite is around 1.5 times the penthouse size. The penthouse view is exclusively toward the outside, whereas the garden suite has views of the inside gardens and external views, but the external views are more limited than the penthouses. The estate rooms are 4 times the size of a penthouse. Effectively 1 residence in size at ~ 20 blocks tall.



    I've gotten several questions on donations I've answered farther into the thread, but that's buried by now. Donations are applied to the cost of the room when the expansion is complete - whatever you have donated will be taken off the cost of your room choice.

    Rooms are chosen in order of donators. The top donator gets to pick the room they would like first, and so on down the line. Donators must still make up the difference in price if they have not donated over the cost of the room already.

    Donation Totals: LOCKED IN!!!

    (you may still donate if you would like, but your donation will not be used to determine room order, etc)

    kevdudeman has donated a total of 301,001 rupees -ROOM 8502
    Biscuitboy5396 has donated a total of 301,000 rupees ROOM 8504
    ImParanoid has donated a total of 259298 rupees ROOM 8508
    SthenosX has donated a total of 145000 rupees, Ahzeriel won in a contest ROOM 8404
    Nole972 has donated a total of 133601 rupees + 20000 rupees after deadline ROOM 8402
    Jennypoo10 has donated a total of 110001 rupees ROOM 8306
    Alexchance has donated a total of 110000 rupees ROOM 8304
    ILostMyShorts has donated a total of 100000 rupees ROOM 8408
    Deathtomb8953 has donated a total of 100000 rupees ROOM 8302
    Battmeghs has donated a total of 80000 rupees ROOM 8506
    nickjwolfe has donated a total of 70624 rupees ROOM 8308
    Pro_G4ngt4 has donated a total of 53000 rupees + 7000 rupees after deadline ROOM 8406
    bitmonger20 has donated a total of 50500 rupees
    Mba2012 and penfoldex have donated a total of 39500 rupees
    Dwight5273 has donated a total of 20000 rupees
    mister_rapio has donated a total of 17000 rupees
    ACookieGod has donated a total of 14872 rupees
    jake_bagby has donated a total of 11500 rupees
    colesta1200 has donated a total of 10000 rupees
    pat2011 has donated a total of 10000 rupees
    spriteturle and achip12321 have donated a total of 9650 rupees
    SuperVal_Junior has donated a total of 5500 rupees
    Matthew12hydro has donated a total of 5000 rupees
    jrm531 has donated a total of 3500 rupees
    Kman122000 has donated a total of 3333 rupees
    Nfell2009 has donated a total of 2500 rupees
    Migueldemesa has donated a total of 2000 rupees
    Amusedstew has donated a total of 2000 rupees
    Soulpunisher has donated a total of 1000 rupees
    Cordial_Pie has donated a total of 900 rupees
    _Stads_ has donated a total of 500 rupees
    KingGeorge3rd has donated a total of 261 rupees
    heyaroo has donated a total of 99 rupees
    Electrobomb donated a total of 26 rupees
    shade554 has donated a total of 3 rupees
    nitroblitz2201 has donated a total of 1 rupee
  2. How much can I donate to you and how much for a mega penthouse?
  3. You can donate as much as you'd like :)

    And I'm expecting somewhere between 10k and 20k for the mega penthouses permanent. Right now a penthouse is 8k permanent. It really depends on how big they get. I'm expecting double the size of the current penthouses, but it may move up to 4 x.

    I'm also considering storing one of the dragon eggs in the highest donator room when the hotel opens. The building is controlled by access signs, so no permissions are given.
  4. ill get some sandstone for you and jane
  5. That would be great. The spoiler has the block counts of the hotel at 3764, and we will at least use 8 times that in the build, if not 16.

    (5:0),Wood Planks,8899
    (17:1),Pine Wood,192
    (18:4),Leaves (Permanent),36
    (22:0),Lapis Lazuli Block,144
    (34:2),Piston Head,4
    (35:0),White Wool,49
    (35:1),Orange Wool,20
    (35:2),Magenta Wool,18
    (35:3),Light Blue Wool,20
    (35:4),Yellow Wool,18
    (35:5),Lime Wool,33
    (35:7),Gray Wool,389
    (35:8),Light Gray Wool,368
    (35:11),Blue Wool,2553
    (35:13),Green Wool,22
    (35:14),Red Wool,2531
    (35:15),Black Wool,95
    (42:0),Block of Iron,8
    (43:0),Double Stone Slab,63
    (43:5),Double Stone Brick Slab,6
    (44:0),Stone Slab,459
    (44:1),Sandstone Slab,16
    (44:2),Wooden Slab,204
    (53:0),Wooden Stairs,88
    (55:2),Redstone Wire,61
    (58:0),Crafting Table,25
    (64:0),Wooden Door,174
    (68:2),Wall Sign,416
    (70:0),Stone Pressure Plate,29
    (71:0),Iron Door,40
    (72:0),Wooden Pressure Plate,71
    (94:2),Redstone Repeater (on),1
    (98:0),Stone Bricks,1160
    (102:0),Glass Pane,1
    (107:6),Fence Gate,4
    (109:0),Stone Brick Stairs,274
    (112:0),Nether Brick,8964
    (113:0),Nether Fence,262
    (114:0),Nether Stairs,292
    (116:0),Enchantment Table,16
    (117:0),Brewing Stand,15
  6. This is awesome... Is it really always full?
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  7. Thanks! And yes, it normally is full. We havent had an open penthouse in months, and have 4 suites available after a cleanup of members who have been banned / havent signed on in weeks.

    I keep a storage room full of items left in the rooms if someone doesnt pay or sign in for weeks. If they ever turn back up they can get their stuff. Most rooms get rented permanently now, so its not as big of an issue.
  8. Just gotta say, the furniture in there is AMAZING.
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  9. Thanks..it took alot of research and experimentation to create all the furniture and layout (ignoramoose hates interior decorating). I expect to be doing more research to make the super penthouses even more amazing.
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  10. As the main person who handles all the people that want rooms all the time, I can say that yes we are almost always full. Reason being is that when we first opened, we never did any permanent option. This allowed more people to rent it out and enjoy it. Once we decided to expand, we allowed a permanent option and people jumped for the chance to call themselves permanent residents. Hopefully with essentially 8X the space, we can have the same reaction.
  11. Nole972 has donated 3000r towards the project!!!
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  12. I have donated you 10k. :)
  13. I noticed! I'll get you added to the supporters board as soon as I get home.
  14. Im Donating 10k
  15. Thanks nole, I'll update your donation to 13k!
  16. Hey, Nole why you shall not beat me!
  17. A diamond supporter vs a non supprter, lets see how fast I can get money.
  18. Donated 35k