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  1. Intro


    I was playing today, just enchanting some books. I was on the last book to enchant and guess what, I had 29 exp levels. So frustrating:mad:.

    We all know we have been at a point in are life that this happens. So here is my idea to hopefully eliminate that.

    Idea: EXP Vouchers


    It is a simple concept. They are vouchers that can be sold and bought at shops. You simply right click twice to redeem the EXP.

    Abuse Prevention

    People love to abuse the system. One example that you could abuse with exp vouchers is creating a ton of 1 level vouchers and creating 30 vouchers = 30 levels.
    Instead of reaching 30 levels and making 1 voucher = 30 levels which takes longer than creating 30 level 1 vouchers.

    To prevent this is simple. Base the vouchers upon the amount of exp they contain, not the amount of levels since it takes more exp for higher levels. When the voucher is redeemed, a notice will appear stating how much exp is in the voucher, and if you want to confirm the redemption. Than click again to redeem the voucher.

    How it Works

    The vouchers will contain soul bound and final. To create a EXP voucher you can simply type /exp give (amount of exp) while holding the paper. To view how much exp you have on you simply type /exp check. For these commands /exp help will work great.


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  2. Or use a couple of bottles o' enchanting? The problem is that the levels do not scale arithmetically with relation to experience.
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  3. That is why I based it upon amount of exp, not levels.
  4. Ok, I can see that I misunderstood that part. I wonder how this would affect TEXP ranking?
  5. I would like this. It would make selling xp easier. +1
  6. it's called link shorteners
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  7. This was suggested about a year ago: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/suggestion-bottling-exp.21914/

    I still like the idea. When we enchant things we already technically store our XP in items then another person can use it. I quite often have people ask me to repair items which is another way of transferring XP. If we were able to transfer it to a Book or Paper by placing it in an Anvil, we could later transfer that XP back to ourselves or another person.
  8. Perhaps have a way so you can transfer X amount of levels into a Bottle O' Enchanting.

    Possibly a shop sign only in shop that allows you to transfer, say 10 levels into 1 bottle O' Enchanting for a small fee.