[Suggestion] Bottling EXP

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  1. you should be able to sell your exp here is my idea of doing it...
    1. type /exp bottle <number of levels, not points>
    2. it will give u a bottle o enchanting saying "Bottle O Enchanting Level:<>
    3. you can sell it by making a shop sign like this:
    EXP:<amount in bottle>
    I think this will be amaznig :p

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  2. I once suggested this, selling XP would spoil TEXP.
  3. Would this make it non-vanilla or not, I mean its the same item just edited right, or would it replace it or would there be two kinds of xp bottle?
  4. well think of EMCfireworks, same but edited
  5. Ah so it would've a specially coded extra item? So pretty much a named, coded xp bottle?
  6. yes
  7. but it will stay the same, just like enchanting stuff, u use it and it still gets the TEXP up!
  8. K
  9. No. This would make it non vanilla, and ruin the bottle of enchanting market. Also, gold and diamond supporters would afk and get tons of so on utopian grinders, getting tons of xp to sell.
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  10. This is what i was talking about...-_- Anyways, anyone can do that, not just supporters. Bottled xp = NO
  11. Agreed, you want Xp bottles go trade with some villagers.....
  12. This keeps getting tossed around. EMC isn't vanilla. The EMC firework is a firework specially coded. The heads for the mods are specially coded. Vault is specially coded.
  13. I think in Vanilla normal Fireworks have only one use, so none of them are Vanilla.

    The list gets longer every day. I could add a bunch of things but have given up worrying about it.

    I often find myself with over 30 levels of XP and use enchanted tools, weapons, and Books to bleed it off. I have chests full of items and I should sell them, but I haven't taken the time to deal with the wacky shop system.

    Regarding people grinding for them: There's not too many things here that people don't farm. If you can sell it for Rupees, there's someone farming it. Currently people are farming Villagers for these and other items. This would just make it a little easier.

    I think the ability to bottle XP would be a nice tool/option. It would be simpler to sell XP bottles than a pick or Book currently is.
  14. You can already get XP bottles. Just trade with a priest villager. Too late.
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  15. A good way to do this, is to egg and trade with them (You need a good amount of money though) But now that we can get rupees when we vote and stuff, you can at least do this 2-3 times a day, For some reason on EMC if i trade with a villager enough, sometimes he wont let me trade with him for a certian item again and i have to trade for his next offer, not sure if thats how it works in normal minecraft cause its never happened to me before :p
  16. I had thought about this before, it could require a "bottler" or something where you drag a glass bottle and apply pure exp to it, though it would be another cut to the throat of the enchanting business
  17. Yeah it would, the value of enchanted items on EMC (At least from what i saw) went down a bit after the Max enchanting level was reduced to 30, and there are already a few Xp Bottles out there from villagers i'm sure, but they are not as common as they would be if we could make them ourselves. Xp bottles are great, but too much of a good thing is bad (I.E everyone selling off Xp for insane prices)
    (Edit) I just backed out to see someone selling a double chest of Xp bottles.......this is funny somehow XD
  18. Actually, they're not. :p But I agree with you.
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  19. I don't think this idea is necessary, but if you're going to store levels instead of points, you should only let players use the bottles when they have less than 1 xp level. That way, they can't just use 30 level 1 bottles to get to level 30. Experience is non-linear, so higher levels are supposed to be harder to get than lower levels.
    I don't really like the idea of storing points, either, since the player using the bottle has to calculate how many levels it will give them. It's not hard math, but it kind of kills the point of conveniently storing xp.
    And of course you can't store experience with normal bottles o' enchanting, since the number of orbs given is random each time. You could go by the average, but again, the buyer wouldn't know how many to buy in order to get a certain level.