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Is it a good idea???

Yes 10 vote(s) 38.5%
No 16 vote(s) 61.5%
  1. Why are u doing 2 threads?
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  2. cant edit a poll on one of em
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  3. No. Its been said before, in other threads.
  4. You should reconsider, jk. We currently can't lose our XP by dying and we carry it with us as we cross servers, so our avatars are already XP reservoirs. We also have the option to "bottle" our XP by enchanting Books, tools, weapons then fill our avatar reservoir up again.

    How would it hurt to have another enchantment option? I don't understand the negativity towards this idea. I wonder if people dislike it for no other reason than that it's a change. This game and the variation we call EMC is constantly changing so I would think that a change like this that would add variety and options to our gameplay would be more readily accepted.
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  5. Don't make it complicated. Simply allow people to convert XP to XP Bottles. Counter arguments:

    1) It's not vanilla. Neither is EMC. Vanilla = no residence, no eggification, no vault, no shops.

    2) It will ruin TEXP. If you choose to convert XP, you lose TEXP. Simple as that.

    3) It's too easy compared to villager trading. Make it so more XP is required per XP bottle.

    4) It will ruin the enchanting market. I doubt anyone is producing enchanted tools based on XP bottles right now, simply because it's prohibitively expensive. (XP bottles seem to have reached around 30-40r and are still rising.) In any case, you don't ruin markets. Prices adjust.
  6. I think i said in another thread that i would approve if you lost XP when it was bottled. I dont like the 1:1 exchange of it. While we can store it in books and such, thats a gamble that can pay out big, or leave you wishing you had better luck. If it is converted into enchanting bottles, there is no gamble. People could sell the bottles, without having to "risk" anything. Thats how i see it, as a 1:1 trade. Now, if it were a 2:1 trade, i would be more interested in this idea.
  7. I don't understand #2. TEXP is based on experience gained, so how would TEXP be ruined by enchanting bottles instead of other items?

    #3 & 4 made me think of another point in favor of this. There are a lot of people who for various reasons avoid the Wild and stay in Town. By making bottled XP more readily available, we're allowing more people to experience the enchantment system rather than rely on others to do it for them.

    If there is a risk in using the XP, then the person buying the bottle takes on the risk when they use it and the price of the bottles would simply be worth less because of it.

    I can agree that there should be a cost, but not for the same reason. You should have to add some sort of material or energy(orbs) to the process of bottling, something like when we use an Anvil to repair an item.
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  8. No. Diamond and gold supporters would control the entire bottling xp economy because they have super grinders on utopia.
  9. TEXP is awarded when you gain XP. You then bottle the XP, and sell it to someone else (or keep it for yourself). Then, the XP bottle is broken. TEXP goes up yet again. Repeat infinitely for infinite TEXP.
  10. Ah. I know they can reset it, so maybe we could lose TEXP when it is bottled?

    I wholeheartedly disagree. There's absolutely nothing about Supporters or Utopia that gives them any sort of magical advantage in XP.

    Look at the leaderboards. The people who are at the top are there simply because they grind XP. I could drop my Iron Supportership and easily be in the top ten within a week.
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  11. What I meant was that diamond and gold have utopia which means they have very good grinders.
  12. That was my suggestion exactly.
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  13. The grinders on utopia rarely differ from those on the regular servers.
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  14. This would reduce rarity of XP bottles. I think that is the main objection. Plus it is a little less vanilla than having people making enchants and then selling those. I think of EMC as being Vanilla with some extra conveniences, and it is a delicate balance between being able to provide a vanilla experience and the conveniences that add fun to the game on the EMC servers. I personally think this would tip the balance a bit too much.