[EWR] Empire World Record

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  1. We'll he was rude to me when he was critizing
  2. ?
  3. If you got critizied by him, you don't need to be like him. If you want to be a good person, don't be rude with people.
  4. Why is this protected under Creative Commons is what he is meaning. This isn't the right kind of thing you protect.

    You use creative commons to protect your music, videos, software or website content. What you have done is used it to protect an idea, you're meant to patent ideas, not protect them. What that license is now doing is stopping people from being allowed to copy the contents of your website, and possibly this thread, although I'm not exactly sure what you applied to protect.
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  5. Considering that you are using EMC material, I'm not sure you can protect it since it is already protected and owned by Starlis.
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  6. u just say No. nothing else.

    EDIT: No
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  7. +1. Please stop with the "Copyright"
  8. So um. What did this turn into?
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  9. what about most days not voting :p
  10. That could be the same as most time since empire join for some people, cause there may be lots of people that didn't even ever vote
  11. I would enjoy it more if it had guidelines and such. To me this kind of looks like you are in a bit of a rush.
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