[EWR] Empire World Record

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MakeAmericaGreat, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. Hi! I am starting a new thing called Empire World Record. If you have read the Guinness World Record the name might sound familiar to you.

    Records and Prizes are at http://empireworldrecords.weebly.com
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  2. Please keep bumps to 6 hour bumps :)
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  3. How about some other records such as longest thread? Or most posts?
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  4. I will add that tommorow thanks for the suggestion!
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  5. Quick question, does the biggest mega mall have to be all on the same server?
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  6. I find this pretty cool :)
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  8. Top posting members can already be seen on empire.us/members
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  9. Tip: Make a google docs thing for record applications.
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  10. i am talking about naturally grown.
  11. No
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  12. I did
  13. I do wonder how long this will last.
  14. GAH!?! How did you get the upload so fast
  15. If you have an issue with the "world record", you should bring it up privately with kyle12cu1 - not on this thread.
    Thank You
  16. Link?