EMC's Largest Tree

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  1. I think i just set the record for the lorgest tree ever grown on EMC. Come check it out on smp2 at 3940!

    I will have trent post a pic.
  2. My tree will always be bigger >:D
  3. 2013-12-15_08.54.20.png 2013-12-15_08.54.30.png Here they are Ark_ :)
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  4. btw, you forgot one log on your tree and you don't have the room on your res
  5. Yeah i know i forgot the log, I'll make a 8X8 tree to hight Limet tommrrow :)
  6. also, i am buying spruce saps to make it bigger
  7. Have fun cutting it down! Took you awhile to cut your first one Down
  8. i ain't cuttin this down for a while. I am gonna make it huge!
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  9. Haha, thats not big at all compared to the ones me, Nyan, Cordial, And Kells18 made!
    We even got one to block limit!
  10. are all of these naturally grown?

  11. Not the biggest *still had pic of Maxarias's giant tree back when she was a green lantern*
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  12. GUYS! I am talking Naturally grown
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  13. but... maxarias natually grew that tree.....
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  14. well, now i am tearing it all down
  15. Does naturally grown include using a fertilizer to force trees to grow in close proximity to each other?
  16. I think it does, cause it doesn't always work
  17. LoL Why You Tearing Down