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    Welcome to World of Empires! WoE is a turn-based strategy game, consisting of four players on a 60x60 residence. The residence is split up into 10x10 default territory which each other the four players will have, each is colored different with a different HQ block. The goal of the game is to conquer more territory than your fellow players, and eventually, capture the enemy headquarters. There are over 3,200 blocks of territory to capture, will you dominate your enemies, lead your army, and build an empire?


    Players: 4/4
    Red- f_Builder_sDaNub (Units Destroyed: None, Resources: 3,000, Territory Blocks: 106)

    Blue- OPEN (Units Destroyed: None, Resources: 3,000, Territory Blocks: 100)

    Purple- Galantisizer (Units Destroyed: None, Resources: 3,200 , Territory Blocks: 108)

    Orange (Formerly Yellow)- Seanawesome14 (Units Destroyed: 2, Resources: 4,900, Territory Blocks: 142)

    Rogue Commanders (Units Destroyed: 1, Resources: 3,050, Territory Blocks: 72)


    Turn: Six

    Once four players have been picked, you will be assigned a color and territory (Red, Blue, Purple, or Yellow). Each player will have their own turn in which they can move their troops to claim territory, or battle another players troops.

    World Peace There may be no battles against players for the first 5 turns, once the Red player begins their sixth turn another player may be attacked.

    Conquering Neutral Territory Air Units can not take over neutral territory, only Tanks and Infantry can take a piece of land over, you can do this by moving a unit onto the block you wish to conquer.

    Turns Each player has their own turn, where they can move their units and take over territory. The turn may be ended when the player contacts me saying so, if they have not made a move within 2 hours the next player will be allowed to use theirs.


    Infantry : Represented in-game by pigman zombie head
    Attack: 5
    Defense: 6
    Move Range: 4 Blocks
    Upgrade cost: 100 Resources
    Recruit cost: 200 Resources
    Level 2 Upgrade: +1 Move Range

    Tanks : Represented in-game by stone fence
    Attack: 9
    Defense: 4
    Move Range: 6 Blocks
    Upgrade Cost: 300 Resources
    Recruit Cost: 600 Resources
    Level 2 Upgrade: +1 Defense, +1 Range

    Helicopter : Represented by floating oak slab
    Attack: 6
    Defense: 5
    Move Range: 10 Blocks
    Upgrade Cost: 250 Resources
    Recruit Cost: 400 Resources
    Level 2 Upgrade: +1 Defense

    Transport Ship : Represented in-game by Hopper

    Attack: 1
    Defense: 5
    Move Range: 12
    Upgrade Cost: 250 Resources
    Recruit Cost: 500 Resources
    Level 2 Upgrade: +3 Range


    You can now level up and gain experience points in World of Empires! The following moves in-game give you experience.

    Upgrading/Building- 10 Points
    Recruiting Units- 5 Points
    Conquering Territory- 1 Point per Block
    Defeating Player Enemies- 50 Points
    Defeating Rogue Bases- 20 Points


    All of the four players receive 1,000 Resources at the beginning of the game. Each turn a player earns, by default, 500 Resources per turn. You can obtain more per turn by doing the following:

    Conquering Territory +100 per turn for every 50 new blocks conquered.
    Engaging in Battles For every enemy unit you kill, you earn 1/4 the cost to recruit that unit. (Ex. Killing 4 Infantry will earn you 200 Resources)


    Base Shield Facing a bigger army? Need more time to build yours? You can purchase a No-Attack shield for 3 turns, but will cost you 750 resources.

    Traps Traps a the best defense against an enemy when they are invading your territory, when an enemy army steps onto the mine, it kills half the units in the army, if there is only one unit it will be killed. Traps can be purchased for 150 Resources each, maximum of 4.

    Barracks Want to lower the cost to recruit and upgrade units? Purchase the barracks! The barracks lowers the cost of each unit by 5%, and can be upgraded up to level 4, lowering the upgrade and recruit cost up to 20%! The barracks can be purchased for 250 Resources, and upgraded for 150 resources.


    The winner of each game will receive 50,000 Rupees. Each game goes on until one person destroys the rest of the players, there is no set turn limit or specific end date.


    Alliances can go a long way in this game, once an alliance has been declared the two players can not attack each other or end the alliance for 4 turns. You may only be in one alliance at a time, to prevent ganging up on a single player.


    Interested in playing? I'll begin picking players on 9/20/2015, and the game will begin that following day. Just leave a reply below saying you're interested, and your preferred color.
  2. Wow! Pretty innovative.
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  3. Thank you.
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  4. Sounds awesome! Im in! :D
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  5. Added to the player list, good luck Commander!
  6. Added to the player list,
    2 spots left!
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  7. I'd like to play. What colour team am I on? Can I choose a colour?
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  8. Yellow and Purple are open.
  9. May I be on team?
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  10. Added, you can view the default map at /v +WoE on smp8.
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  11. Once the Yellow spot is filled the game will begin, and I will ask Builder's first move in a Convo.
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  12. I'm in! Yellow for me!
  13. The first game is underway!

    Yellow's Move Log
    Moves made:

    Turn 1
    Purchased Barracks
    Purchased Tank
    Conquered 6 new blocks

    Turn 2
    Purchased 3 Star Premium
    Purchased 2 Tanks
    Purchased Infantry
    Defeated Rogue Base 1/3
    Conquered 41 new blocks
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  14. Sounds very interesting! I'd love to be in the next game.
  15. Red's Move Log
    Moves made:

    Turn 1
    Purchased Tank
    Purchase Barracks
    Upgraded Barracks
    Purchased Trap
    Purchased Trap
    Conquered 6 new blocks
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  16. Blue's Move Log
    Moves made:

    Turn 1
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  17. Purple's Move Log
    Moves made:

    Turn 1

    Turn 2
    Purchased Barracks
    Upgraded Barracks
    Purchased 2 Infantry
    Conquered 8 new territory blocks
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  18. I got this. I have a strategy. Also I have a suggestion, the winner has a chance to return next game.
  19. Would love to be in. Its my pleasure to that you are doing this.