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  1. A few players interested in playing WoE have requested a tutorial on the game, since there are a lot of things to learn about it and I will try to cover as much as I can in this guide.

    Joining a Game-In-Progress

    All players have a "derelict" status on their territory, if you do not make a move for two days your territory will be claimed by a new player. If you are going to be away for longer than a day, notify me so I do not give your territory to a new player and so I can give you a temporary shield against attacks.

    Please note that while you are away and shielded you do not get your 500 Resources per turn.

    If you are selected to claim a derelict territory, you will pick up where the other player left off, excluding their unit kills.

    Recruiting and Upgrading Units

    Units are the most important element to World of Empires, build a powerful army and you can become a WoE champion. Units can be recruited without a barracks, but they will be a tad more expensive with the building.

    Remember that some units have higher defensive capabilities, while some have higher attack, use this to your advantage when planning an attack/defense against another player or rogue base.

    Infantry- Highest Defense
    Tanks- Highest Attack
    Helicopters- Highest Move Range

    Taking over Neutral Territory

    Most of the map that World of Empires takes place on is Neutral Territory, around 3,200 blocks of it. Neutral territory is an important key to winning in the game, due to the more you gain increases your resources per turn.

    50 New Territory Blocks = +100 Resources per turn

    New territory is also useful when performing attacks on far away territory. On any of your territory, you may build buildings, specifically the barracks which will allow you to recruit units far away from your base. This means you will not have to transport them as far to perform an attack on your enemy.

    Taking over Enemy Territory

    Taking your enemies territory can also be very useful in the game, as it lowers their resources per turn and recruiting capabilities.

    In order to take over an enemy territory, you have to send an infantry into the territory and build a barracks on top of the infantry. This will allow you to take over all enemy territory within a 4 block radius, once that is complete you can remove the barracks and 175 resources is returned to you.

    Earning Experience and Leveling Up

    Experience points and levels have been added to WoE! Earning experience points has two main benefits, which are earning you a place on the leader boards as a top player, as well as leveling you up in the game. Levels do not change anything at the moment, but benefits are being thought up and will be implemented soon.

    Defeating the other players grants a huge boost in experience, as well as conquering a lot of territory. If you focus on expanding your territory as much as you can, there is over 3,000 blocks up for grabs, meaning you can earn 3,000 EXP from one game!


    Resources are what makes everything run in WoE, without resources you are done for. By default each player earns 500 resources at the beginning of each round (premium players get bonus resources each turn. This can be increased by conquering more territories:

    50 New territory blocks = +100 Resources per turn

    Another way to increase your resources per turn is by capturing one of the few Oil Wells currently on the map, these increase your income per turn by 125. (Please note that these are not yet conquerable)

    The final way to increase your resources, is by defeating enemy units. If you successfully kill an enemy unit you receive 1/4 the cost of that unit.

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