[Event] Wardles 1 year DP!

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How many years have you been on EMC?

Under a year 18 vote(s) 28.6%
1 Year 19 vote(s) 30.2%
2 Years 4 vote(s) 6.3%
2+ Years 22 vote(s) 34.9%
  1. I am going to be having a drop party for my 1 year on EMC!
    The event will be held on the 1st of August at 4PM EMC time.
    We will use my new DP room for the first time! Everyone will get cool items and have a good time (I hope)
    The event will only last around 30 minutes-1 hour.
    The location of the DP is /v 5476 (Utopia) I have also got a maze and some parkour to do and i am thinking about adding a firefloor too!
    Also i am looking for donations. You can donate at /v 10765@donate.
    I hope i can have a few more happy years on EMC!

    [EDIT]: The event calendar at events.emc.gs is saying the event is on the 8th of May. It is NOT. It still is on the 1st of August.
    [EDIT 2] The issue with the calendar is all fixed now :) Sorry for any confusion that was caused.[EDIT 3] I have moved the event! See above for more info
  2. Happy 1 year on emc!
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  3. Thanks :) (Its not yet anyway :p)
  4. This I bet will be awesome! Ill try come unless school stops me :eek:
  5. Hope it doesnt! Id love to see you there! :)
  6. Congrats. I've calculated, I'll be in Taiwan whilst this is going on, without my computer. Best of luck!
  7. I'll hopefully be there!
  8. Wardaaa I should be able to make it :D
  9. Shame! Thanks :)
    Id like to see you there!
    Rundaaa hope you can! :D
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  10. I'll be there ;)
  11. Great! :D
  12. School in august?!
  13. Yea New Zealand is different :p
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  14. It's say ur drop party's tomarrow on event calander
  15. It does? Must be an error. Ill get that fixed
  16. What day of week is this?
  17. It is a Monday.
  18. God damn that suck for me
  19. On my other account Clashine ive been on EMC for 503 days :D
  20. Hopefully I can make it! Im not sure if I can or not because August im moving and I dont know which day so yeah and I could be busy that day. But I hope I can make it there :3