[EVENT] Super Turkey Event is LIVE!

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  1. Minecraft wiki describes a rare drop and if you are using looting III it would be a 5.5% chance of dropping or approximately 1 in 18. I think the slicer is not that rare and drops about 1 in 3 or 4.
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  2. Can confirm, I've killed 6 turkeys and got 2 slicers so far
  3. I've killed around 25 and gotten 3. I guess my luck isn't quite as good.
  4. I personally wouldn't rely to vanilla MC drop rates much when it comes to EMC specific mobs :p
    The moment of luck has been very different from year to year. My bad luck for last year even led to some inside joke of "yay, more feathers for the pillows!". Was fun nonetheless :D
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  5. How do you know which level to hunt the Turkey's on. The message says 1, 2, 3, 4 chunks away and even Gobble Gobble, but I can't find the turkey. I'm thinking its in a mineshaft or cave or somewhere down below. Any advice?


    Nothing like a holiday and a cool promo to get me back on EMC after a few month hiatus
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  6. First continue to search on the surface (easier movement) until you hit "0 chunks", this is notable when the health bar becomes visible. Once you reached that go from top to bottom because that's a whole lot easier. If there are trees nearby start by climbing those first (dirt pillar can help).

    Once you're sure there's nothing on top it's time to start digging your way down.

    Tip: the nametag is visible through blocks. But you can only see it within a certain distance. So if the turkey is around level 20 (so y20, over there its usually enjoying an extra hot lava bath) then you won't be able to spot it at y64 (which is the normal ground level).

    So dig down, and keep looking around you for a nametag. Once you spot that you'll know where to go.
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  7. I never thought of that, but that's very helpful! Thank you!
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  8. Blame Aya & my last "misfortune".

    lol, I still need to laugh when thinking back... so we were hunting them turkeys on smp4 and Aya spotted the next place (noted by the health bar). Since I have my voters gear always on me it was decided that I was going to do the digging. Which I did. All the way down to bedrock and no turkey in sight. Did we come across a bug?

    Yah, so when I mentioned that there was no turkey Aya figured the trees, so she went up. And there it was: on top of a tree. Stupid turkey :D

    This is honestly one of my favorite events. And I'm kind of sad that it only lasts one week, this whole thing is so much fun!

    Seriously: I couldn't care less about those slicers, but the whole chase... awesome!
  9. Will the turkeys be spawning all day Sunday? I've been running around for the past hour and a half and can't find any :confused:
  10. As of 5 minutes ago they are still spawning. Just got one myself.
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  11. Awesome. Thanks :D