[Event Suggestion] Capture the Flag

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  1. Howdy y'all! I know Im supposed to be away for a while but I had an idea I just had to share. Besides, I'll be in the forum's shadows anyway. So here you have it, my event idea, Capture the Flag.

    This event could be brought to Games and can be incorporated as a player building and strategizing exercise. The premise is simple: Teams of 4 or 5 players work together to capture the enemy's pig with a saddle, which acts as a flag, and ride it to their base. The first team to get 3 pigs at their base wins.

    The teams will each have a set of items once they set foot into the arena. Items will be a Carrot on a Stick, either a Red dyed or Blue dyed leather armor (depending on the team you get the corresponding color) an Iron Sword, an Infinity Bow, 3 Gapples, and a Shield. The reasons for the melee items is that you will be able to die and a form of protection is needed to protect your teammate riding the pig. Obstacles can also be added to the arena to spice up the game and make it a bit more exciting,

    The winners will get their name added to a leaderboard found in the forums later. Now, the big question is why should you support this event and make it official. We haven't had anything new in a while when it comes to events and seeing as Games has plans to become a more prominent part of EMC, this is the perfect time to bring it out. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions in the comments and though I may not get back to you immediately I will respond eventually.

    *Throws fist in the air* CAPTURE THE FLAG!!!

    Vote here: https://www.strawpoll.me/17676934

    Prototype image of the event, as illustrated by mineimator, look on page 2 for more info:

  2. I like it seems something I might go Captain Sweaty McNugget after
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  3. this would be a very fun thing to play, as I feel as though the Games server is in dire need of some new games
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  4. that a res or?
  5. That’s votes u skilly sausage
  6. Oh I'mma dummy. I'm also gonna add a poll in a bit since I forgot it
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  7. As for leaderboards, I believe that they could be found here temporarily as seen during the Tunnel of Love season, until maybe we can have winners heads placed as it was in Fire Floor, it's a long stretch but can work
  8. I commented on your status comander before I read this lol. What you are proposing may not even need command blocks. What I was referring to on your status was the need for command blocks to sort players into teams, and determine the game start / end. (look up command block scoreboard not leaderboard) Anyhow, I like this idea. Would require minimal work to implement I think. I would contact events team, and include krysyy and other staff who actively host events.
  9. I believe I'll take you up on contacting them, and hopefully we can get this idea up and running. And I'm sure we can get through some of the challenges without issues. :D
  10. If a majority of the votes end up being yes, I will present this idea to Krysyy and other Sr. staff and event hosters. With these votes and the thread in hand, we may end up getting a new addition
  11. Bump! We need as much support as possible before I propose my idea via PM!
  12. +1 from me i love this game hope to see it on here
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  13. Bump! Let's make this a reality y'all!
  14. Update: I got 5 votes already on the poll, I'm going to need a lot more before I present my idea