[EVENT] Pumpkin Patch October Weekly Event

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  1. It's October everyone, and while the weather hasn't quite caught up, there are pumpkins and halloween decorations everywhere you turn. On Empire Minecraft we're bringing back the Pumpkin Patch for the seasonal weekly event.

    Join us at the staff event res on /games
    Every Monday at 6 pm EMC time in October

    October 28th: Additional event at 10 pm EMC time.

    What is Pumpkin Patch?
    Dig up pumpkins to look for the renamed ones. Various prizes, and some surprises each week.

    Plumpy and I will see you there!
  2. Bruhhhhh, this happens at exactly the same time as the review session for my philosophy midterm. Feels bad man :(
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  3. Sounds like fun, if I can make time I will definitely be there.
  4. That's why it's multiple mondays =P
  5. Yeah, but if I don't go to the first one then I just look like I'm following the crowd :p
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  6. Glad the Plumpy makes his big debut again XD
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  7. Sounds like fun! I’ll try and be there.
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  8. time to get dirteh
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  9. Thanks for hosting, I had fun :D
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  10. Cant make it on mondays :(
  11. Nice, Hope I can make at least one.
  12. On Mondays? Nice! I think that this will be a nice start to the week, though I feel bad that I missed the first one this month, but I'll definitely check it out next week! ^^
  13. This week's Pumpkin Patch changed to THURSDAY!!! (because Plumpy needs a little more time to get ready with the special part of his event this round)
  14. Is it gonna be Thursday this week too? :)
  15. No, I was just about to fix that
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  16. Plumpy is spookier than ever
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  17. Last round today!
    Added an additional time slot too, so there is one at 6 pm and ANOTHER at 10 pm.

    See you there!
  18. Event shifted to 7 pm due to server outage. FYI
  19. This is fine :p
  20. The server kicked me in the middle of my bonus round turn =(