[EVENT] poof’s Big Hurrah!

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  1. We're about 10 minutes out :)
  2. out of free slots lol can't join
  3. How’d it go everyone? Poof, sorry I missed your goodbye event. I’ve been watching my 3 yo nephew all day. Take care Poof, you’ll be missed.
  4. Still going on
  5. Still watching watching the kid.. Just hoping to see some pictures of the event.
  6. Such a great event poof.
    I said this ingame but I am going to say it again.

    Your shop has been so helpful to me over the years. Your super nice when I see u ingame, and you always carry a paositive influence wherever u go. I wish you and your family farewell.
    May you continue to shine among the world!
    See u around!

    -Your friend, Stny
  7. I'm somehow just seeing this Poof. ;-; I could come to the bringin' down the house event .. too laggy .. but I wish you and Mr Poof all the best with your little family. So very bitter sweet.. you will be missed. Much love on your journey. <3
  8. I hope everyone had fun and walked away with lots of goodies!
  9. Awesome event! I got a ton of stuff! thanks so much for doing this and thanks for the great shop all these years.
  10. Lol that is a lot of people:
  11. I don't know if I should say "unfortunately" but... this moment is how I will forever remember Poof due to me sadly not knowing her too much :oops: (backstory otus and I were talking about our favorite Van Halen songs... and well this happened)

    Best of wishes to poof in whatever life throws her way
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  13. Despite having this in my bookmarks, I forgot all about this. Oh well. We'll miss you, Poof! I hope one day you'll return once the little poofs are bigger and play Minecraft themselves. :)
  14. Thanks poof for the last hurrah! I came as an alt and didn't say goodbye in game. So I'll say it now. Good bye, good luck and thanks for all the fish!

    On a serious note, I wish you the best in your real life. This next step is a big and wonderful one! Enjoy every minute of it!
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  15. Just realized u cant see my name :O
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  16. I got a 2016 b-day cookie, a miner mincer, a holiday axe, among a few other things.
    Thanks so much again for your kindness in giving these items away!