[EVENT] Plumpy's Farewell

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  1. Farewell to Plumpy Death Event!
    Those of you that have attended the Pumpkin Patch events have become acquainted with the beloved Plumpy the Pumpkin.

    We watched as he turned evil with a monocle, had a runny booger, almost destroyed the universe with a witch hat and a cauldron, and finally as he got sick, turned green and became a zombie pumpkin with his brains exposed.

    Therefore, it is only fitting that we give him a proper sendoff now that his time on the Empire is over.

    Join me tonight in the smp2 wastelands as we bid farewell to Plumpy the Pumpkin in the only way that is fitting for a pumpkin: death and destruction!

    If you are unable to attend, please pay your respects to Plumpy at /v pumpkin on smp2 before he is transported to the wastelands.

    Event: Farewell Plumpy Death Event
    Where: Smp2 wastelands. /v wildpumpkin
    When: 7:30 pm EMC time November 2nd
    What to bring: Anything you don't mind losing. You will likely die more than once.
  2. RIP Plumpy the pumpkin 2k15
  3. i knew this time would come.....just didnt think it would be so soon
  4. I was about to say rest in peace Plumpy, but apparently they're going to be killing us all before they finally go :rolleyes:
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  5. farewell plumpy i may not have been there to see him but i will be there to destroy him
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  6. I blame staff obviously (since this is the hip thing to do). What have you guys been feeding this poor pumpkin?! :D

    On second thought... If the answer to that is adventurous players then yeah, I can see where things could have gone wrong ;)

    Oh well, I don't have time to play this evening but I think I can hop on to have a quick peek :)

    Bye bye Plumpy, you will be missed! <sniff, sniff>
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  7. I've never met him, never will as I cannot attend this event... Although I will say, farewell plumpy, you must have meant a lot to EMC!
  8. :eek:NOOOO not plumpy!!!!
  9. NOOO I have a stupid piano recital!!!! no no no no
  10. Why did plumpy have to leave my life so earrllly? :(
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  11. Plumpy the Pumpkin
    Is a fairytale, they say
    He was made of pumpkin flesh but the children know
    How he came to life one day

    Plumpy the Pumpkin
    Had to hurry on his way
    But he waved goodbye, sayin' "Don't you cry,
    I'll be back again some day."

    Thumpety thump thump
    Thumpety thump thump
    Look at Plumpy go
    Thumpety thump thump
    Thumpety thump thump
    Over the hills of pumpkin dough

    He'll be back
    Yes he will
    Again someday
    See you next year Plumpy!

    I refuse to let him go. And by the way I wrote this in a dream.
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  12. Good bye forever Pumpkin
  13. Good bye plumpy.... we will miss you!
  14. I think this is the most absurd event thread I've ever seen, but I'll be there. I owe it to ol' Plumpers. *sniff*
  15. The only tearing up my eyes are doing is from the ~5 FPS you drop me to whenever I look in your direction. >:/
  16. In honor of plumpy the pumpkin we should have a promo for it (a floating pumpkin head that says plumpy the Pumpkin)... So he can always be with us...not be destroyed that seems a little cruel to the poor guy (yes I know it's a game we all play and plumpy is a creation with no feelings)
  17. NOOOOT Plumpy :eek:
  18. I just went and had one last look at him... plumpy :(
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  19. Thanks Krysyy! I'll miss these events :(
  20. Amazing poem, and also, this reminds me of the Frosty the Snowman song, the song that plays in those old Christmas specials. :)
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