[EVENT] Plumpy Returns at Midnight!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Plumpy is back for an October of fun Pumpkin Parties!

    The first Pumpkin Party of 2016 starts at midnight tonight to kick off October in style.
    Where: /v pumpkin on smp2
    When: Midnight EMC time

    See you there!

    *Note: Pumpkin party is a seek and find event. Where you, with NO TOOLS, dig up tons of pumpkins in search of renamed ones that signify prizes.*
  2. Plumpy returns! \o/
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  3. I wanna blow this thing up.
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  4. Yay Plumpy regenrated! Hopefully he doesn't have boogers in his nose this time... (melons) ;)
  5. Moose had said that if you try, he will take plumpy far away and not let him come back. He's grown quite fond of the pumpkin.
  6. Awesome :)
  7. >_> i will fill it with tnt i will make a schematic of it and put it on one of res's and fill it with tnt and blow it up.
  8. welp, looks like i'm not going to bed any time soon. thank god it is a friday!
  9. *sets alarm for 11:50 pm*
    I may have had 1 too many glasses of wine by then but looking forward to it! :D
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  10. Yus! Plumpy! I'll be there for sure!
  11. Plumpy.. Hmm.. Seems Plump
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  12. Time to help plumpy lose some weight.
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  13. Me and Plumpy go way back :p
  14. This is the one event I can always make it to... because it's lunchtime for me ;)
  15. This was such fun, thanks Krysyy and everyone else :)
    (And no, I was not A] payed to say this and b] i did not win anything)

    Here's to Plumpy vomiting candy and pumpkin pies on halloween!
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  16. Jeez the throwback though lol
  17. What time is this GMT?