[Event Over] Royal Gardens Event Group - Official Launch Party

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  1. Official Launch Party

    (Event Archive)

    To celebrate the grand opening of the Royal Gardens Event Group, Alain1087 and I held a 2 Day Launch Event. There were contests, games and giveaways throughout the weekend. We had an excellent turn-out and a great time. Check out our winners and screenshots below!

  2. Day One
    Garden Tea Party

    So our weekend started off with a nice tea party and riddles.

    TheRootSeller dressed as Alice and Drmadfate dressed as the Mad Hatter...many screenshots were taken :)

    (Original image by Drmadfate)

    We had a three way tie during our word games: Kytula, Mr_Waffle203, and Drmadfate each answered 3 puzzles correctly.

    Lava Parkour

    Our lava parkour event was quite entertaining. Crazyhorsegirl04 was our clear winner, completing the parkour multiple times during the event. Xenomorphking44 came in second, with b0bbythebuild3r coming in third. Others were more content to soak in the nice warm lava :D

    Rising Blocks Games

    We played the first round ever of rising blocks, a game of 100% luck and 0% skill :p

    We had four winners :
  3. Day Two: Pt I
    Castle Maze Race

    Day two started with the castle maze race:

    B0bbythebuild3r was the first one to the end of the maze, and looted the grand prize chest

    Obstacle Course:

    Our second event was the obstacle course.

    Alain1087 had a bit of fun waiting in the game lobby before the event.

    Our Obstacle course winners were Springaling in first place, Keysnake242 in second, and xenomorphking44 in third.

    (oh right .. and this happened.. and I couldn't control my own laughter. Sorry to all those stuck in the hole:p)
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  4. Day Two: Pt II

    Pre Drop Party Excitement

    A few hours prior to the drop party players began showing up in the party garden.

    There were fireworks,

    Underwater shenanigans,

    a surprise visit from krysyy,

    (who turned into a hamster)

    and an outbreak of ‘long-eared hamsters’ in the garden.

    Hedge Maze Drop Party

    This was personally my favorite part of the entire weekend. All of my work building the hedge maze finally paid off, and it was everything I envisioned. Everyone seemed to have a good time and grab plenty of loot.

    (yes my beautiful gif comes with lag effect… you’re all welcome)

    I have also never seen so many people on Utopia before;
    at one point we filled the server :cool:

    After Party A.K.A Chase the Hamster

    After the drop party Electric_Hamster offered a supporter voucher to the player able to chase him through the hedge maze the longest without falling behind. The results were amazing:

    Our winner was tikialex
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  5. Special Thanks:

    Special Thanks to Electric_Hamster and Finch_Rocks_1 for all of your help and generous donations.

    Thank you5karecboi, Anonreturns, white_trash_dna, and Drmadfate for your donations, as well as anyone who contributed to prize chests during the events!
    Thanks to everyone who uploaded screenshots during the event, and all those who joined us on mumble!
    (Also thank you to Mustanglover25 for putting together the above image)
  6. First!

    I'll do my best to be present at all events, gahhh I'm so excited :D
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  7. This is epic count me in
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  8. This sounds incredibly amazing!
    Unfortunately I can't attend anything.
    Have fun, I hope many people see this thread!
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  9. I'll try to attend a few, but I cant attend all sadly.
    Awesome event though :p
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  10. awww I won't be able to attend. Will be going to another in-real-life event that day. Sorry :(
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  11. You have been updating a different thread about this build, right? If so, it looks amazing and I will certainly come and visit it on those days.
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  12. Yes, I have... and Thank you!
    I've actually got a few threads started, and I think its just about time to consolidate them.

    Some quick links for people though:

    Royal Gardens Event Group will eventually become the main thread. It's the 'parent' company for our builds.

    The Party Garden is my personal build, and I think the one being referenced :) )

    Castle Events is Alain1087's build. Alain is a close friend and fellow build-team member, and If you haven't checked out his thread you really should... his build is equally amazing.

    Our events will be spread between both residences
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  13. So gonna dress up as the mad hatter
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  14. Bad no bumpy lol xD
  15. I'm always busy, but I'll try to attend! Sounds very fun!
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  16. Is Alice gonna be there (Alice in wonderland reference)
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  17. Will do my best to have an Alice appearance :)
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  18. I think I'm one of your neighbors; well neighbor, to someone who actually has the username RoyalGardens or something similar, and has the res message as, "Welcome to the Royal Gardens Event Group!" or something close.
    In any case, I'll see if I can drop by :)
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  19. Heya neighbor :) RoyalGardens is one of my alts..and the res you're talking about is our future build site :) Well, thanks for saying hi and I hope to see you this weekend!
  20. not long now!! :p
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