[EVENT] Ocean Explorers - old

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  1. Host: MoreMoople
    When: Tonight at 10:30 PM EMC Time
    Where: TBA

    Join us on a journey to explore the depths of the ocean! Help us build an underwater base to live amongst the ocean creatures. :)
    We will be on Discord for this event: discord.emc.gs
  2. We're putting out the fire today and bringing in the flood! I want to do a bit more testing to make sure Firefloor runs properly after the update, so welcome to the first-ever Ocean Explorers event! :)

    Firefloor will resume as scheduled next Saturday. See you tonight :D
  3. Is this in the waste or the wild?

    Don't worry about food I got enough cod to last me for years!
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  4. Maybe in town!

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  5. This will be in the waste, similar to Something Fishy or Miner Mania. :)
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  6. ngl I 100% thought the blue and peach coral on the left of the banner were someone's arms
  7. Now that you mention it.... :eek:
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  8. I will try my best to make a little bit
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  9. Sweet, ill totally make sure I can make it
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  10. Same!
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  11. Thank you all for coming! :) Tonight we built an underwater city on SMP4 (Waste Center to the North)
    Here are some pictures from the event:

  12. Mooplantis lol. Wish I could have came- had to work tonight. Is this going to be an event that happens again ;)?
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  13. We missed you! I'll probably host it every once in a while. :D Hopefully you can make it to the next one!
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  14. Join us tonight for a swimmingly good time! ;)
  15. best puns in the world! :D
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  16. Thank you all for coming! I hope you all had fun building and splashing around. :D See you next time!
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  17. thanks for hosting :D
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