[Event] Kill PenguinDJ and Dr_Chocolate14

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Will you be attending?

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  1. Hello! Pvp'ers of EMC!:)
    I, PenguinDJ and Dr_Chocolate14 (A.K.A PMsubhan) decided to host a pvp event. The purpose of the event is to kill PenguinDJ and Dr_chocolate14. When anyone succesfully killed one of them, the round is over. The player who kills Penguin or Dr. will be awarded a prize!

    Time/Date: The event will start 5 pm (EMC time) on January 15th.

    Location: The event will take place at /pvp on Smp6.

    Rounds: There will be 5 rounds in 5 different arenas. You (those who attend will vote on which arena at the event.

    Prizes: The prizes are 3 avalaunchers, Marlix Bow and Momentus Toothpick.
    The prizes will be given out in this way: 1st round Momentus toothpick. 2nd round: 1 Avalauncher. 3rd round: 1 Avalauncher. 4th round: 1 Avalauncher. 5th round: Marlix Bow!

    Note: We will NOT provide weapons or armor! It's bring your own stuff!

    If you got any questions about the event, please ask! Any one of us are glad to answer!

    PenguinDJ, I and Dr_Chocolate hope to see you there!:D
  2. Will we and them be allowed to use potions/Gapples? And I've killed PenguinDJ before :> Chocolate is a bit more tricky :3
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  3. You are allowed to use them:)
    Edit: They will too
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  4. This will be a blast. I might stock up on some harming potions though. :)
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  5. I approve of this bounty!

    And yes, I will be using anything possible to stay alive. ;)
  6. I'll take you down :p good luck
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  7. You probably forget that one thing a rral fight needs... is anger my friend ;) Now trust me.. I'm going to tear through youblike mever before. Yku better watch your back Mr.Penguin :*
  8. Bump! Chocolate and Penguin are preparing, will/are you?
  9. I hope I make it as dj and subhan are amazing and I got to know them through pvp.(edited to capitalize the I's as I am too lazy to do that whilst on my phone.)
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  10. DJ and Choco on god apples, oh damn it makes me think twice before participating. But I sure hope to be there nice event.
    question : when will the event end and why you dont fight padde73 lol
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  11. Lol
    I'm not fighting because I need to keep everyone in line and make sure everything goes smoothly.

    We're not sure about the ending time. After the 5th round, when either Penguin or Dr. die.
    It all depends how fast you kill them. :D
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  12. I mean I love PvP