[EVENT] Fist Fight - 10 PM EMC Time!

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    /v fistfight on /smp3
    Fist fight is an event where people punch each other from platforms in the air, until there is only 1 person left. The arena is fairly small, so it's a fast paced game.

    Fist fight is located at /v fistfight on /smp3.

    1. Last player standing wins
    2. No tools, armor, potions or food
    3. 1 life per player per round (you die, you're out)
    4. No teaming (this also includes no /groups). Teamers will be poisoned.
  2. Ah nice
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  3. Awesome! Hopefully I can go :D
  4. This looks fun. Hopefully I am allowed to bring my trusty stone slab.
  5. Sweet! Hopefully I can make it!
  6. Can you Please make a viewing platform so players can watch after they fall off??? (If you didn't already)
  7. Already done :p
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  8. Starting now
  9. Is that my red chrimbo present head on the islands or someone else's?
  10. I love it, Still trying to get present heads, They are so adorable :D And the block heads :p I like heads, Well love the event.
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  11. Three teamed on by a Senior Staff member. Seriously disappointed.
    Regardless, fun game, I hope to attend again.
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  12. Someone really wanted to rush the fist fights.
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  13. Starting in 15 mins!
  14. I was one of the original testers for this xD.
  15. Starting in 2 hours :)
  16. Seems like the arena got an upgrade, nice!
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  17. I'll win this one for you my duck friend.
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