[EVENT] Every Single Minecraft Block

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What is your Favorite Block

Diamond Block 7 vote(s) 35.0%
Gold Block 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Iron Block 6 vote(s) 30.0%
DIRT(My personal Favorite) 7 vote(s) 35.0%
  1. Hey Guys me again so i just wanted to post this as a thing i want to do i wanted to make a Muesuem with EVERY single MC block so what i wanted to do is i have quite a few of them now but i am putting them on 2 different lists the high priced list is for like diamond iron and gold blocks the non high priced list if for regular blocks i need so comment down below what list i should put you on and i will use a randomizer and pair everybody up with that block and when my muesuem is finished i will put whoever donated it on a sign above it!

    Inexspensive Blocks:

    Bone Block Received
    Clay Block Received
    Cobblestone Received
    Cracked Stone Bricks Received
    Grass Block Received
    Gravel Received
    Ice Block
    Mossy Cobblestone Received
    Mossy Stone Brick Received
    Sand Received
    Sandstone Received
    Stone Received
    Stone Brick Received
    Coal Ore Received
    Iron Ore Received
    Lapis Lazuli Ore Received
    Lapis Lazuli Block Received
    Cactus block Received
    Dead Bush Recieved
    Huge brown mushroom block
    Huge mushroom stalk
    Huge red mushroom block
    Leaf Block
    Pumpkin Received
    Roses Received
    Saplings Received
    Sugar cane Received
    Tall grass Received
    Vines Received
    Wheat Received
    Oak Wood
    Spruce Wood
    Birch Wood
    Jungle Wood
    Acacia Wood
    Dark Oak Wood
    Brick block
    Chiseled sandstone
    Fence(All Types)
    Glass pane
    Iron bar Received
    Jack-o-lantern Received
    Slabs(All types)
    Smooth sandstone Received
    Snow block
    Stairs(All Types)
    Wooden planks(All Types)
    Wool(All Colors)
    Bed(All Colors)
    Brewing stand
    Crafting table Received
    Enchantment table
    Furnace Received
    Sign Received
    Torch Received
    Button Received
    Detector rail
    Redstone torch
    Stone pressure plate
    Wooden pressure plate
    Fence gate
    Iron door Received
    Decorated stone brick
    Locked Chest

    Exspensive Blocks:

    Block Of Emerald
    Block of Coal
    Diamond Ore Received
    Gold Ore Received
    Redstone Ore Received
    Block of Diamond Received
    Block of Gold Received
    Block of Iron Received
    End portal frame
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  2. Hold for Contestants

    Expensive List:


    Inexpensive List

  3. I like this idea... very industrious and quite interesting. I would be happy to help with a beacon for it to get your thread going.
  4. I had thought about doing this myself but as a personal trophy room. I'm up for donating any blocks you need... that I have.
  5. I will bring deadbush if needed.
  6. Lol I'm actually gonna just randomize the blocks you need to donate so Raayn do you want the expensive list entry or non exspensive entry and ironic ill pm you later about this and yosh I do need a dead bush
  7. I will get u a deadbush!
  8. an expensive entry then I guess
  9. Also if u need some inexpensive blocks I can help with those.
  10. Awesome will let you know!
  11. Updated The Lists please let me know if i forgot anything(I know the exspensive list is a bt small but i have not finished with it yet)
  12. Also when its finished i am going to have a grand event with a giveaway and a dp and some other stuff
  13. Will finish updating this in the morning
    Let me know if you want an entry to either of the lists
  14. I'll enter the expensive list why not?

    Neat idea!
  15. This is a very cool idea. Can I 1-up everyone else and donate a dc of obsidian? Lol (If that's overkill, then an sc?)
  16. Thanks and you have entered

    An sc will be good
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  17. Have Updated the list these are the blocks i need at this time will put more as i take some off when they are recieved
  18. Also so if anybody just has a lot of these i am going to need a TON of item Frames
  19. Honestly, I think actually placing the blocks might look cool?
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  20. Maybe that might work i also am still looking for someone to build this for me lol cant seem to find anyone