[EVENT] EMC Ultra Hardcore

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  1. Ultra Hardcore

    Welcome all to this public member event! :D If you are unaware what Ultra Hardcore is please read up here! It is a gamemode based around starting with nothing and collecting resources to kill the other teams.

    This event will take place at 8 PM EDT (8 PM EMC time) July 5th (to be determined) and will be hosted on a server that was lent to me by a good friend, JackBiggin. The staff member moderating the event is ninjaboy5656. :)

    I will announce the rules in-game before the event kicks off but if you are interested in learning strategies or ways to play please just look it up on YouTube or elsewhere on the internet. :p

    Prize Pool
    3x samsimx heads (1 for each winner)
    300k to be split amongst winners
    3x vault vouchers (1 for each winner)

    I would like to see who would be interested in playing a game of Ultra hardcore, a minecraft game that is long and heart racing. The game will be played with 18 people, 6 teams of 3. The map will be 2000x2000 with a bedrock wall around it that no one can leave. You have as long as you want to collect materials, but there are a few twists.

    • You don't regenerate health, only way to regain health is by using health potions or golden apples. (regeneration potions aren't allowed)

    • No strip mining
    A few requirements to play with us -

    • Must have some form of communication, if you wish to use EMC mumble go for it, Skype or any other means of communicating with your team. If there are enough people without some sort they could possibly get their own team.
    • Must be able to devote around 3 hours to this game. Yes that is a very long time, but it's how long these games run for.
    • Must follow moderators instructions and EMC rules.
  2. People who have posted on the older thread here will get reserved spots before other people who wish to enter.

    If you wish to enter with a team of three please do so before I randomize the teams. I will keep this post for team spots and other important information.

    Team A
    Team B
    Team C
    Team D
    Team E
    Team F
  3. Sorry about that, OP updated.
  4. Are u going to participate :D? and is ninjaboy allowed to participate (in the actual game) :D?
  5. Yeah I'll be playing, and ninjaboy is allowed to but has opted out.
  6. sounds cool
  7. Cool, how will teams work?
  8. It said you can choose a team or get randomized. The teams will be a team of 3
  9. I'll join but I might make a team later.... if ninja wasn't being a bum...
  10. Not sure if you already have me listed, but count me in! I don't mind being on a random team if need be.
  11. I think I'll build my team, how much members? 3 or 4?
  12. I'll be in if I'm allowed..
  13. I'll join. :)
  14. are you still banned? Or did they unban you?
  15. I'm still game to play as long as you'll still have me. :) Can't wait to get in game.
  16. Myself and fat_batman are on a team
  17. Count me in! though I'll probably die first :p
  18. I think you're allowed to participate, I'll check. :)

    *UPDATE* Added to the prize pool and tweaked a few things.