Would you play UHC?

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  1. Looking for a staff member to moderate this event!
    Hello community :) I am setting up a server to play Ultra Hardcore and would like to play it with you, the community. If you are interested please PM me or comment below. If you are a moderator reading this and willing to moderate the event please let me know as well.

    I would like to see who would be interested in playing a game of Ultra hardcore, a minecraft game that is long and heart racing. The game will be played with 21 people, 7 teams of 3. The map will be 2000x2000 with a bedrock wall around it that no one can leave. You have as long as you want to collect materials, but there are a few twists.

    • You don't regenerate health, only way to regain health is by using health potions or golden apples. (regeneration potions aren't allowed)

    • No strip mining
    A few requirements to play with us -

    • Must have Skype ( This doesn't mean you are just on Skype, means that you can talk and communicate with your team )
    • Must be able to devote around 5 hours to this game. Yes that is a very long time, but it's how long these games run for.
    • Must follow moderators instructions and EMC rules.
    Now this thread is just to let people know about it, the actual event will probably be held towards the end of June when everyone is on summer vacation. There will be a few prizes to winners and runner-ups which will be rupees and promos.
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  2. ** The server is hosted in the US from Washington DC, so some people out of the US may have lag.
  3. I can help with the server side of stuff and possibly play :)
  4. It only takes about 3 hours unless you have tons of people.
    I will join depending on when it is. Don't you have to have a staff member participating or present during the event? (or are you considered one)
    We should play with the new snapshot so we have borders.
  5. I would absolutely love to play some UHC, if you'll have me.
  6. i would love to play some UHC
  7. I hope people will record it for youtube :)
  8. Thats the idea. :)
  9. As long as I'm not on vacation during the event I'd love to participate.
  10. Looking to have this be a weekend event, so 1st round saturday and a 2nd round sunday if people can't make it on Day 1. July 7th and 8th are looking good for me how about everyone else?
  11. July 7th and July 8th startimg at 8 PM Est both days sees the best, how's that for everyone?
  12. Are you hosting this on a home server? Because... just saying.. that is going to make people mad, ESPECIALLY if you are competing yourself, as you will have network advantage. (~2ms ping is a major difference to those outside of your network). Not to mention, most home networks can rarely handle the load of multiple people playing on Minecraft constantly pinging a home computer.
  13. Nope, not hosted from a home server