[EVENT] EMC Easter 2019

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  1. ETA on Carrots?
  2. Just hit Page 12 for my list. Once I finish the list, I'll start mailing them out soon after :)
  3. Resource Pack, I mashed up like 5 or 6 to get all I stuff I use. xD
  4. When the contest is finished, can the event remain open so we can explore the map? I didn't get much time to enjoy the build, which was my own fault. I think it'd be nice to run through later and appreciate what the build team created.
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  5. Did you make the Cake Toppers Inedible? I don't want to eat mine on accident.
  6. Hm...good point. Don't accidentally feed it to a horse either :)
  7. I had closed it, but there is no harm in leaving it open. I'll go back and reopen the TP and let Krysyy decide when/if she wants to close it :)
    Unfortunately, not. There isn't code to prevent "eating" at this time, which isn't something we considered before making these. Just don't place it on your hotbar and you should be fine, though ;)

    Also, I finished mailing all the cake toppers out yesterday. If you did not receive one but think you should have, send a message pmss.emc.gs so Krysyy and SS can review the thread and logs to ensure you did earn one.
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  8. Posting for my alts, Gamemaker887, Gamemaker885 and ItsTimeToRunSon

  9. I feel like this should say no more prizes instead of no prizes...
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  10. My english don't feel so good :p
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  11. LOL rip