[EVENT] EMC Easter 2019

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  1. Your subtitles are on and it's like a poem.

    Rabbit hops.
    Lava pops...
    Rabbit hops.

    the end.

  2. Posting for matrixtribe
    Matrix survived the lava, braved the maze, and earned a spot next to the bun.
  3. Only three are mine the rest are EvilBlos :p We both each had one more as well that has already done the maze and we didn’t bother to bring for that screenshot :D
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  4. this post is for Pnpmonster, who wasnt able to post here screenshot

    *I've added Pnpmonster's picture to the post. =D cd13
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  5. This was awesome! thank you! :)
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  6. Thewe's dat Wascawy Wabbit!!
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  7. took more an hour cuz im that big of a pea brain
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  8. Between, Don't pay the Elemental Masters 2.0.1 and the French subtitles right down
    Just forgot to remove my Mod so I still have this Elemental Masters 2.0.1 Overlay, If you want to play if my mod, it's under my messages
  9. Well that's it for me. Made it through the maze, baked the cake, and then got trapped and lagged out trying to navigate the invisible maze to the giant rabbit. Was forced to use /res unstuck and now I have to start all over to get back to that point, and I'm not wasting another 1/2 hour going through the hedge maze again. :(
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  10. That is a really awesome skin. It looks almost like a witch. Very cool.
  11. a very nice build :)