[EVENT] EMC Birthday Death Event!

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  1. What EMC Birthday would be complete without a Death Event?;)

    Join Krysyy (and random SS) in the wastelands on ___________(TBA)
    at 12 pm (noon) to join in the death and destruction.

    Bring only what you are willing to lose. You will likely die MULTIPLE times.

    See you there!
  2. Sounds fun! Who doesn't like repeatedly getting killed?
  3. I don't :p

    I'll try to be there though!
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  4. Sounds like more frustrations are heading our way :p

    Anyway, never been to one before so I think I'll give this a try as well. Not sure what to make of this yet 8)
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  5. Yay death :D I think I'll make it to this one too!
  6. Sure, people are still trying their utmost best to beat the parkour around it :p
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  7. So a small recap from the death event. Hopefully enjoyable for those who couldn't make it and those who (like me earlier) never been to one before. Small disclaimer: Not a full report because I bailed out in the middle. I like fighting mini bosses and such, but when I get the feeling that you're not making any progress whatever you do it gets a bit boring for me. But hey! That's just me, don't let that spoil your fun.

    There was plenty of chaotic madness to be found here, it was total chaos!

    The mistress of mayhem herself next to the birthday cake safe zone :)

    The moment we used /v deathevent we spawned in a small protected area in the waste (see above). Soon an official group was formed, its difficulty set to 10 and then the chaos started. And the Empire mobs were really looking forward to this... Only 1 minute after we joined a Momentus spawned, and Krysyy told us that it was a fully natural spawn too! :eek:

    Withers, Momenti, Marlix, enraged monsters... it was all there :D

    Four withers for the price of one! :p

    And it has been EMC-scientifically proven guys: Momentus really likes boats, especially if you pull him into one using a fishing rod :D

    I got prepared and brought plenty of voters gear. So when I was wondering what to do next I figured I could try my fishing rod. Yeah, about that:

    And there you go :)

    My mini-report from the death event. Hope everyone had lots of fun and I can't wait for the final part of the second part of... I'm getting a headache again :D
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  8. OMG! Didn't realize how many mobs benefitted from my death :eek:
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  9. So much death and so much fun.

    Withernado vs marlix


    Death by more withers!

    ChickenDice murders a helpless zombie in a boat

    Marlix took over the spawn too

    Just some more death (I somehow got shaders to work on my crappy Intel graphics)

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  10. You guys forgot about the Fire Hugs Creepers... The fire was burning spawn. ;)
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