[EVENT] EMC 12th Birthday Celebration

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by chickeneer, Aug 3, 2023.

  1. We are celebrating EMC's 12th Birthday today at 2pm and 9pm EMC times.
    That is just over an hour from this thread posting. I hope you can make it!.

    Come over to /utopia and then /v bday2023.
    Come early if you want! I am still getting set up.
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  2. woo

    im confused. 1.5 hours from now would be 130pm EMC time, no?
  3. It's at 2pm emc time
  4. I'm so excited!!! =D
  5. Wont make it to the first one, but ill definitely make it to the second one! Hope everyone has fun during the first event!
  6. i cant make it to either bc im at school :(
  7. Any1 took pictures?
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  8. Thank you for the event and all the goodies too! :D
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  9. Will load some tomorrow
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  10. That was a great event, thank you for arranging it. Thank you for the prizes too.
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  11. Chicken hard at work

    Ready to open the Chests!

    Wasnt That a Party!
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  12. Thank you for the extra work involved for the great fun!
  13. Thanks for everyone that came out! Truth be told, I was feeling pretty stressed from it, my apologies go to anyone I got short with yesterday. :) I need to work on my event hosting skills so it isn't so stressful...

    For those that didn't make it. Here is what all happened.
    • We decorated the cake at the hosting residence on utopia. /v bday2023.
    • We played "Honey Fall" which is honey and cobwebs slowing the fall through a randomly generated maze. First run went quicker than expected. Second run had too many honey blocks so some people got stuck. Whoops. lol. First 10 to finish in both the early and late events got a Sticky Hat. I am sure there will be a wiki page about it already or soon. I could see the sticky hat being re-released in the future because it ended up being so cool to wear.
    • We did a random drawing to giveaway "Party Parrots" which have a rainbow name. I think there were 23 of them handed out. This is also eligible for re-release. Admittedly, I did make a mistake by not associating a type of parrot with them. Thus creating used vs. unused party parrots. oh well.
    • We did "Color Fall" which was essentially firefloor on top of various colored concrete floors. Due to technical limitations, the floors ended up all being the same color. Whoops. We had 2 winners in the early event and 3 winners in the later event. I gave out a special chickeneer feather. Which is only special in name/lore, no special use.
    • Upstairs for the event, there were Claimable chests. So any/all that attended the event were able to claim a special prize. Those prizes included a special chickeneer Bday head, Bday cookie, a birthday candle, and then some Silken Pants in honor of 12-years gifts of silk. Said pants may be a bit more over-powered than I intended... But what is done is done. If you went to the early event. Go visit the event res to grab your stuff!
    • Finally, I went through those claimed chests to do a Raffle. Those items were sent out last night in your /mail. I didn't really track what I sent out, but here is a short summary:
      A bunch of Supporter vouchers. A remote shop signs, spooky eggs, piglin heads, pigstep/the new music disc, pots, firework voucher, some other stuff I can't remember.
    In general, I know there are some mixed feelings about Drop Parties. Truth be told, I don't think they are very fun to run/host. So I think the raffle was a fun thing to try. Although I acknowledge they aren't as "Hype". It is really cool to see the reaction when something new is dropped randomly at a drop party and people see for the first time. This was probably a bit more equitable at the trade-off of being not the same level of Hype. What do you think?

    Other things that happened. Was the early event did a test of player hosted SnowballFight. It did crash the server a couple of times, so... that was non-ideal. In general, this is the direction I would like to push the Games server towards. Is to allow more normal player hosted stuff instead of just mod hosted. (It is worth noting that this is a burden to code, because having trusted individuals have access to the commands - helps ensure that nonintended uses of the commands are less likely - in other words we can implement things less perfectly).
    RainbowRunner is also active again! It only needs two people so swing by that any time you and a friend want to play.
    Let's have a fun 13th year.
  14. I think chickeneer did a fantastic job of hosting.. esp since hosting is not his forte. There may have been a few glitches here or there but that afforded us more time for socializing and cake decorating. That being said.. the cake looks great too! I did hear someone mention that it wasn't as big as the one next to us but who cares? I had loads of fun and it was really nice to see so many new and older players on and hearing them in vc as well. Also, I'd like to mention chickeneer's sense of humor really come through in vc. Thank you for host sir Poultry and MoreMoople as well. What a fun time. =D

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  15. I wanted to say that I really enjoyed trying snowball fight. I really appreciate the fact that it can be player hosted.
    I hope that friendly fire will get patched out, but I understand it might not be trivial.

    The event itself, decorating the cake was fun and I think it was a nice change avoiding the drop party. Sadly I did not get any of the special items, while my wife got all three :I'm a bit jealous:
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  16. I had not seen this thread until seeing it linked in the newsletter! That's unfortunate, as I might have been able to make the 2 PM event. Oh well, thanks for the summary, and I hope everyone enjoyed it! :D
    Personally, I don't care for drop parties. Even when I was still regularly playing, I did not enjoy them.
  17. I am not a fan of drop parties. I enjoyed the events you hosted for us chickeneer, and any others. To see so many players on for the event is encouraging and it says a lot of the quality of the event.

    Staff has been very active recently with hosting special events and repeat events, like build a base. There is never a dull day here. Thank you!
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