[EVENT] Dog Pawty 2019

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. Dog Pawty Day!

    It's National Dog Day 2019 and we're hosting a "Dog Pawty" to celebrate. Bring your Minecraft dog to hang out and meet other dog owners, and have a dog-gone good time. The Dog Pawty will be happening on utopia /v +pawty. Access to a spawning room is available if you need to raise your pup before the festivities begin (if you are visiting from another smp).

    When: 5 pm EMC time
    Where: /v +pawty on Utopia

  2. Sounds fun, I wont be there though :(
  3. missed the last one so should be interesting
  4. dogs? I must come
  5. Gonna have to bring Sven
  6. Yay! Time to bring out my good bois! Puppy_Comander will be so happy!
  7. I finally will be able to make this :p
  8. Darn, will be work :p Hope everyone attending has fun!
  9. Ooh I’ll try and make it I’ll take my netherhound ;)
  10. Didnt we do this a few months ago?
  11. Time flies, lol. It's been a whole year.
  12. I dont believe it. I could have sworn it was less than 8 months ago at least. This is scary.