[Event] Death of the Dragon

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  1. Death of the Dragon is an event that I thought up while... fighting an Ender Dragon!

    How to play:
    This is a VERY simple event. Every week, I'll be spawning in 5 ender dragons in the End dimension using the new Ender Crystals. As a group, we will work together to fight the dragon and bring it to the ground. If you die, I probably won't be able to refund your things. I don't have that much money, you know.

    When will this be hosted?
    This will be hosted every Saturday or Sunday, typically at midnight EMC time. I'll change the times if I can get on at other times for those who may not be able to make the Midnight one (because, well, it's midnight!)

    Where will this be hosted?
    -Starts on the first weekend of September. May be pushed back if need be.-
    Week one: SMP5 end dimension

    Who will this be hosted by?
    Well, myself, of course. Also, any staff members that wish to help out is more then welcome to help me.

    Fighting over the dragon head WILL NOT be tolerated. If players do fight, they will have to be excused. I shall decide who gets to keep the head.

    Donations for the Ender Crystals are greatly appreciated! If you wish to donate, you can mail me the items. Rupee donations will also be greatly appreciated!
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  2. Good idea!
  3. The only problem with this: portals. It took me hours to find a portal in the waste. Are you going to take us to one? Looking for one would be impossible. :/
  4. I've been thinking about that. SMP5 has a public one that's really easily accessible, so we can start out with that one. I'll try to look for others for the time being.
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  5. Good idea, I hope you'll be able to work this out nicely!
  6. Small notification. This is not a bump ;)

    I've updated the OP as well, but the event will be starting on the first weekend of September. That gives everyone plenty of time to go follow my guide on how to kill the Ender Dragon and also to gather up some gear.
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  7. Bump! Any donations will be greatly appreciated... using my vote profit to run this event. If you have any extra Ender Crystals (which I doubt you may), I would be more than happy to repay a mailing fee ;)
  8. I will try to make it
  9. Event #1 Info
    When: Should be at around 19:30 (7:30 PM) EMC time, this afternoon (11 September 2016.)
    Where: SMP5 End (Meet at /fnether, I will guide everyone there.)
    Who: Hosted by _cTJ_
    To know what to bring, follow my guide here.
  10. Next event is in a few hours!
  11. -Nevermind, the next event will be called off due to the 9/11 memorial.