[EVENT] Day of Chance - Harvest Day!

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  1. Today's event is...

    Mob Arena!

    See you there ;)
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  2. Thank you all for joining us today! Sonicol did a very good job and won the first three rounds. Skeletin007 won the boss round! :)

    See you next week ;)
  3. The die has spoken! Or rather, rolled...

    Bring some marshmallows and gather around the fire! It's FireFloor!

    Important: Day of Chance will start one hour later today. One of the little ones has something that I need to be at. ;) Also, show up with a costume on if you can! Lets have some fun!
  4. Ooh! Costume Party? o.(o) Count me in! I'll see what I can come up with for a costume skin.

    Edit: Haven't made a skin since uhh 2015? I'm so rusty. Everytime I think I'm done - I log in and notice a few pixels out of place. :oops:
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  5. I already am in costume lol
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  6. Thank you all for coming to Firefloor today! Congratulations to our winners, AnonReturns, miafellows73, and jewel_king! :)
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  7. It's the first day of November, and I'm switching it up a bit! Please welcome Harvest Day to our event option list! It's time to start gathering stuff for a Thanksgiving feast. ;)
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  8. I'm a bit curious as to how a D7 die works, but I'm glad to see it added to the list :p
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  9. Thank you all for coming! See you at the next event. ;)
    It works with maaaagic... :eek:
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  10. None of these are perfect, but there are options! ;)
  11. Today's event is... Murder that Moople! See you all there! Head policy from previous PvP events remains. ;)
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  12. Wow! Such a blur of people :eek: Thank you all for coming today, and congratulations to jewel_king for winning my head this week! ;)
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  13. It's time to dive into our next event...

    Ocean Explorers! :D
    Bring your scuba gear ;)
  14. Thank you all for coming! Today's Ocean Explorer was hosted on SMP8, waste center. Big thank you to chickeneer for setting up the teleport sign! :)
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  15. Polish your armor and pull out your bows because it's time for...

    Mob Arena!
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  16. Thank you to everyone who joined us at Mob Arena today! We had three normal rounds followed by a boss round. :D

    Check out this thread for a chance to have your mob name ideas included in the next Mob Arena! <Mob Arena Name Suggestions! | Empire Minecraft>

    See you next time! ;)
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  17. Prepare your fists... it's time to fight! The next event is...

    *This event will be held at 6PM EMC time instead of the usual time because of my work schedule this week. Sorry for an inconvenience!*
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  18. I should be able to try to make it
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  19. Thank you all for coming today! We started out with Fistfight and then the server decided it didn't like me and broke. After that, we moved over to Mob Arena and had fun with mob names. See you next time! :D
  20. This week, Day of Chance is on Saturday! 4:00PM :)
    Polish your armor and sharpen your swords, it's time for..

    PvP (Murder that Moople!)
    Head policy remains the same as previous events. *
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