[Event Closed] Death & Dwight's Weekly Mob Arena

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  1. Death and I will be running Mob Arena every Friday if we aren't busy.

    Total of 4 rounds

    1st round:
    Gold Armor only
    2nd round:
    IronicSwordPlay's HeadIron Armor onlyIronicSwordPlay's Head
    3rd round:
    Momentus_fell's HeadLast to die.. WinsMomentus_fell's Head
    Last player to die will get 20k rupees prize
    4th round:
    Normal Mob Arena
    with a twist ;)
    *During the rounds their will be small prizes for players
  2. awesome! will be there as much as possible
  3. Yayy! will be there!
  4. For the iron armor only round, will other tools/potions be allowed or JUST iron armor?
  5. When you say iron armor only, does it have to be plain or can it be enchanted?
  6. It can be normal iron armor or God iron armor. you guys can use diamond swords :D
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  7. Sounds like a blast.
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  8. :) yay, something to watch on my Friday nights!
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  9. Yes! These are gonna be so fun :)
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  10. Iron armor ones are gonna be great! Gives those without the ability to buy god armor a fair shot at winning. Great work dweaghtomb5273
  11. Not to moan but just saying my point another event that excludes GMT players. It's 1am for us. :(
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  12. I am really feeling that now.. ICC always does his events at like 3 am for us too :/ Not sure if I will be able to make it, but I do usually stay up on a Friday :D
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  13. Yeah I see your point but I can't stay up really late for I live on a farm and have to get up 5-6am everyday to feed animals. :) I just wish more events would be done at a reasonable time for us like at 9pm 10pm around that etc. :)
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  14. The time that death and I picked is best time for both of us. On Fridays, I have class all morning. After lunch I'm usally busy helping around the house or hanging out with friends or maybe other stuff. You guys still have BigDavie's event hosted at just for GMT.
  15. I shall try to be at these as a participant...though I'm not that good so I'll probably drop more of my 'skin' and 'flesh'.
  16. Hmmmm i can cook pretty mean steak when I have too. ICC steak anyone? Medium or rare?
  17. Very understandable. I know I cannot go to every event :) I usually stay up on Friday so I may actually come over, we shall see!
  18. i prefer medium rare if you could.
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